DIY Paper Mistletoe: Deck the Halls with Christmas Kissing Balls

Today I will show you a simple way to build a DIY mistletoe kissing ball that can hang anywhere in your home for the holidays! What’s better? The templates are free for you!

– 50-pound metallic cardstock – Cutting machine – Glue gun – Foam craft egg or use a large plastic Easter egg – Mistletoe templates (FREE inside the Freebie Vault. Tap the link below to access) – Ribbon – Wire – Green tissue paper – Someone to kiss – fur babies count!


1. Wrap your foam egg in green tissue paper using your glue gun.

2. Start with your largest Christmas mistletoe greenery and glue it over the top of the egg, letting it fall down the sides.

3. Continue to place greenery piece by piece until the mistletoe fills out.

4. Add in your berry sprigs last, so they stand out.

5. Twist a 3-inch piece of wire into a loop. Shove it into the top of the egg with a bit of glue to secure it.

6. Finish off your DIY paper mistletoe craft with a red ribbon and hang it up!

Tap the link below to Download The Free DIY Paper Mistletoe Templates!