DIY Decorative Christmas Gift Boxes with Faux Glitter Leather

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Dress up foam blocks with faux glitter leather as decorative christmas gift boxes for your christmas tree decor, wreath or mantle with this tutorial.

Decorative Christmas Gift Boxes

Recently I share my Faux Lether Christmas Tree Craft and my new Poinsettia Christmas Mandala Card. These crafts started my holiday collection of new videos and tutorials on the blog. I have lots more to share, like today’s new tutorial, Decorative Christmas Gift Boxes with Faux Glitter Leather (a.k.a canvas) sheets.

There are no templates needed to create these gift boxes and bows which makes this project friendly for those who do not own a Cricut machine.

To get started, review the lists of supplies and scroll down to watch the full step-by-step tutorial. I have also included the bow measurements, as mentioned in the video below.

Supplies for Faux Glitter Leather Christmas Tree Craft

These decorative Christmas gift boxes are perfect to use on your Christmas tree, on a wreath, or your mandala, and they can be used year after year!

Decorative Christmas Gift Boxes & Bows with Faux Leather Video Tutorial

For full details be sure to watch the video below!

Quick Directions to Create Glitter Faux Leather Gift Boxes & Bows

To create the boxes:

  1. Start by measuring your box on top of the glitter canvas/leather. Trace with a pencil.
  2. Use your straight edge, rotary blade, and cutting mat to trim the canvas down to the side. Repeat this for each of the 6 sides of your box.
  3. Once you have cut all 6 sides start gluing each side on. See video for tips for achieving seamless edges.
  4. To finish the box add 1 inch by 6-inch strips on each side to represent the ribbon.

To create the bows:

  1. Cut out a piece of HTV and use your Easypress or iron to cover the white backside of the glitter canvas. Now your canvas leather is double-sided!
  2. Cut strips in the following measurements:
  • 8.5 H x 1.5 W inches (cut 6)
  • 7 H x 1.5 W inches (cut 6)
  • 4 H x 1.5 W inches (cut 3-4)

3. Fold each strip into the shape of a ribbon (looks like the breast cancer ribbon). You will have 6 of these.

4. Glue two of the folded ribbons across from each other. It will look like a figure 8. Repeat 2x. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the 6 smaller strips of ribbon.

5. You should have 3 pieces once this is done. Diagonally stack these pieces on top of one another. Repeat with the 3 smaller pieces, alternating the points to the larger ones. See the video for clear instructions.

6. Add in two final ribbons folded pieces to the center and one final center loop to complete the bow. Use the bow to glue to the top of a gift box, wreath, or place on a Christmas tree!

Small Gift Bow Tutorial

This video shows how to make a small bow, be sure to watch the large one in the above video too.


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