DIY Paper Mistletoe: Deck the Halls with Christmas Kissing Balls

This DIY paper mistletoe craft is not only super easy but also a fabulous alternative to an actual sprig of this Christmas favorite.

Creating easy Christmas paper crafts such as DIY mistletoe is ideal, safe, and can be used in your Christmas decorating year after year.


– 50-pound Metallic cardstock – Cutting machine  – Glue gun – Foam craft egg  – Ribbon – Wire – Green tissue paper

Gather all your supplies. Prepare your kissing ball by using the free Christmas mistletoe templates provided and, using your cutting machine, make mistletoe leaves in varying colors.

Wrap your foam egg in green tissue paper using your glue gun. Start at the top and gather the tissue paper around the rest of the egg form. Glue the tissue paper to the bottom of the egg.

Start with your largest Christmas mistletoe greenery and glue it over the top of the egg, letting it fall down the sides.

Continue to place greenery piece by piece until the mistletoe fills out.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.