DIY Heart Mandala Paper Box with Cricut Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

Today I am sharing a 3D layered heart mandala project with your Cricut and an optional twist to turn it into a box – perfect for a gift or chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

3D mandala crafts are one of the simplest but most elegant projects you could make as a beginner to using cutting machines.


– 65-80 lb cardstock – Liquid glue or quick dry tacky glue  – 3D foam tape – Cricut machine – Weeding tool – Glue gun (optional)

Next, decide on the size of your design. I recommend around 8 inches wide. Choose your paper. I like to mix different shades and textures.

To create the 3D mandala effect, you will need 3D foam tab tape. This 3D foam tape makes a little space between each layer to add height and dimensions.

This heart mandala has six layers in total. With the topmost layers that are more detailed, I recommend using the ‘cardstock for intricate cuts’ setting in Design Space for best results.

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