3D Rainbow Layered Mandala Paper Craft

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Create an easy and beautiful layered rainbow paper mandala craft using your Cricut, cardstock and some foam tabs. Download the rainbow mandala template and watch the step by step tutorial.

3D Layered Mandala SVG Craft

Paper mandalas are a fun and very easy beginner craft for those new to the Cricut world. If this is your first time reading one of my mandala tutorials, be sure to visit this post that can help give you a complete starter’s guide. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to layer my rainbow mandala design together.

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3D Layered Rainbow Mandala Video Tutorial

Supplies for Rainbow Mandalas

Supplies for the rainbow mandala with your Cricut are very straightforward. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, click play on the video above or scroll down for a quick bullet point instructional guide.

Mandala Quick Guide Instructions

For full details, be sure to watch the rainbow mandala video above! Here is a quick guide with written instructions.

Step 1: Cut out your mandalas on your cutting machine. I use a Cricut, but any machine that is SVG compatible will work! 

  • Make sure to use the corresponding setting for your material. For example, 65-pound cardstock is considered medium weight in Design Space. Likewise, if you are using glitter cardstock or light cardstock, be sure to change your pressure accordingly in the Custom settings of Cricut Design space. 

Note on Machine Settings

Note: If your cardstock is tearing, try Cardstock for Intricate Cuts setting. However, if your cardstock is not cutting all the way through, try selecting MORE pressure on the cut screen. 

Step 2: After you cut all the rainbow mandala pieces, it’s time for assembly. To prep, start by laying all your parts in the correct order. If they did not cut out in the order they are meant to be layered, you can quickly check by returning to your Canvas and viewing your Layer’s Panel to the right. Starting at the bottom of the Layer’s Panel and working up will be the exact way you should assemble any mandala. 

layered rainbow mandala in design space

Step 4: Each rainbow color has a background piece and a delicate, intricate piece. Use the Tombow glue to add the delicate piece to each corresponding background piece.

How to layer a paper mandala craft.

Step 5: Add the foam tabs on the back of each color layer and the clouds. The foam tabs will act as spacers and create a lovely 3D effect. To remove those pesky backs of the tabs, try using a weeding tool!

Layered rainbow mandala paper craft

Step 6: Layer each of the rainbow colors in sequential order, starting with the solid rainbow base layer. To line everything up, use the clouds as your guide.

Using foam tabs for layering 3D paper mandalas.

Step 7: Once you have completed layering the colors of the rainbow mandala, finish the craft by adding your cloud details, and then you are finished!

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Ideas for Paper Mandalas

Mandalas have many creative and fun purposes by which to show off your creation, such as on cards, signs, in bouquets, tops of gifts, canvases, and more! Check out my canvas mandala art here as well as my seasonal wood sign.

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DIY paper mandala crafts.

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Layered mandala paper craft tutorial.

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