DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Today I am sharing this beautiful peony paper flower tutorial with you.

My hope is that the romance and prosperity that this beautiful flower represents blossoms in your own life today!


– Glue Gun – 65-pound cardstock – Scissors and/or cutting machine – Wooden dowel – Foam circle disk 2-3 inches high and 2-3 inches wide

You will have 5 different shaped pieces to cut out. To get started on your paper peony flower tutorial cut the following number of petals/fringe pieces out: – 12 Sided Base – 4 peony halves – 6 peony center cuts – 12 large petals – 12 XL petals

Grab your large and XL petals. Then, cut an inch to 1 ½ inch vertically on the bottom of the petal towards the top.

Do this for the large and XL petals. For each petal add a dot of hot glue where the cut is and slightly overlap the two pieces.

Then gently roll the petal inwards towards the bottom. You can use a wooden dowel, marker, or anything that is handy to curl with.

Tap the link below FOR THE VIDEO TUTORIAL.