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How to Make Giant Poppy Paper Flowers

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How to Make Giant Poppy Paper Flowers: Free Paper Flower Templates

Free Poppy Paper Flower Templates

Every year I always add at least 1 new signature giant flower design to my free paper flower templates collection. While I have over a hundred affordable designs in my shop, I always enjoy giving away something new from time to time and I know that giant paper flowers are a favorite for my readers.

After all, you guys seriously blew me away when I tallied up that almost 3,000+ copies of The Art of Giant Paper Flowers have sold!

A bouquet of poppy paper flowers in shades of red and pink,
Also shown here is my Gwendolyn Peony, Everly template and Bella Rose.

I recently revolutionize my craft space and decided to create an accent wall with bookshelves and storage in the back. I quickly noticed an empty space between the shelves and knew that paper flowers would be going there.

When I put something new on my walls that usually is a new paper flower design. Check out how they look below! And yes that vibrant teal is on my wall for real!

Bouquets of poppy paper flowers in shades of pink and red, with white paper leaves, hanging on a teal blue wall in Abbi's craft room.

As a result of filling that empty wall space, my brand new Lottie-style poppy flower design is now available to you for free and with step-by-step video instructions just below! Not loving this style or want more? Shop here!

Leafy Vine Set, Leaf SVG Template
Bahama Leaf Template Set
Giant Leafy Fern Vine- SVG Vine Cut Files
Jungle Safari Leaf Templates- Set of 8
Printable Tropical Leaf Template Set
Whimsical Vine Leaf Template
Elegant Vine Set of 6 Templates
Small Flower Leaf Stemming Base

Looking for roses? Check out my viral post, Free Cami Rose Paper Flower Tutorial and Template.

New Paper Discovery

Rolls of crafting paper in shades of red and pink, perfect for making poppy paper flowers.

This tutorial is also special because I am introducing you to a different paper that I discovered works amazingly well for paper flower making.

Usually, I work with 65-pound cardstock for all my flowers and paper crafting, but I decided to try out Savage Universal paper rolls this time. To my delight, it worked great!

Savage Universal has a wide array of colors to work with, and my favorite part? They come in large rolls, so they are more budget-friendly for big projects!

I don’t think there is any downside to using Savage paper for paper crafting, personally. If I had to be picky, maybe that fact that you have to cut it yourself. However, for me, this was an easy thing to do with my xacto knife and self healing crafters mat. Plus, you can measure more exact amounts of paper and produce less waste!

Free poppy paper flower template.

So if you are loving these free paper flower templates then let’s do it!

Download this template in the subscriber library when you sign up for email. Follow the email’s instructions to access.

Supplies for Making Poppy Paper Flowers

First, visit these links for all the supplies I used to create these poppy flowers and then take a look at the video tutorial below!

A collection of poppy paper flowers in shades of pink and red, from large to small. Text over the image says "how to make beautiful paper flowers"

DIY Lottie Poppy Flower Tutorial

Follow my step-by-step tutorial for this paper flower below!

Poppy Paper Flower Tutorial

Poppy Paper Flower Tutorial

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to make stunning Lottie Poppy Paper Flowers with this easy-to-follow video tutorial! These flowers are perfect decorations for just about any occasion.


DIY Lottie Poppy Flower Tutorial

Follow my step-by-step tutorial for this paper flower below!

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More Craft-spiration!

I believe the more creativity you use the more you have! My designs are created with simplicity, color and crafty fun in mind. If you haven’t yet be sure to join the subscriber community to gain access to all my freebies!

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Rolls of paper flower crafting paper in shades of pink and red, and a giant poppy paper flower in a stunning red color, with green leaves. Image text reads "the best paper for giant paper flowers"

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  1. Doris Cameron says:

    Do you have templates for small flowers. From regular sizes to tiny ones. If you do can you send me information and prices. I want a large variety if you have them. Thank you.

  2. I am not sure why but I have so much trouble on your site finding the resource library. I have subscribed to you I have ordered from you I would think the link would be easier to find. all I see is to gain access subscribe but can never just find the link. I know the password. Please help me figure out what im doing wrong.

  3. Marissa Garcia says:

    I tried uploading this flower’s svg files into Deisgn Space and the petals grouped together come out to be about 2 inches, so each petal is tiny. I tried using the pdf and changing it to a jpeg, uploaded it again, and it comes out way bigger. Any idea on how to fix it or get the correct petal size?

    1. Hi Marissa,

      There is more than one SVG file so you might be uploading the small petals which are close to 2 inches. The video tutorial on my YouTube channel also contains exact petal measurements in the description if you should need them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMDiL7quyWw&t=4s 🙂

    2. Thank you for the free template and the resource vault! Love them. I plan to use them for my baby shower!

  4. Do you know what weight the Savage paper is?

  5. Your poppy paper flowers came out so cute, and I love your tutorial!