DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

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DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Today I am sharing this beautiful peony paper flower tutorial with you. Every so often I like to take a peek into the history of the flowers I’m creating. Finding out the messaging I’m sending to my guests as they admire one of my creations makes the labor of love so much more meaningful.

Today, we are going to do a DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial. My hope is that the romance and prosperity that this beautiful flower represents blossoms in your own life today!

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial


Cut out your petals

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

You will have 5 different shaped pieces to cut out. To get started on your paper peony flower tutorial cut the following number of petals/fringe pieces out. You will also need one Styrofoam circle disk. It should measure about 2-3 inches high and 2-3 inches wide. This will help elevate the center of the peony. Find them at craft store or cut your own from a foam square.

  • 12 Sided Base
  • 4 peony halves
  • 6 peony center cuts
  • 12 large petals
  • 12 XL petals

If needed, cutting machine measurements are in the description of the tutorial video on YouTube, linked below.

Step 1

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Once you have cut out all your petals, start with the bottom most part of the peony. Grab your large and XL petals. Then, cut an inch to 1 ½ inch vertically on the bottom of the petal towards the top. Do this for the large and XL petals. For each petal add a dot of hot glue where the cut is and slightly overlap the two pieces. This helps the petals stand up when we add them to the flower.

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Then gently roll the petal inwards towards the bottom. You can use a wooden dowel, marker, or anything that is handy to curl with.

Step 2

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

After curling your petals grab the 12-sided base you cut out earlier. Each side represents where an XL petal will go. Add glue to the back of the petal so that it sticks properly to the base. Place the petal about 2 inches towards the middle of the base. Keep going until you have added all 12 XL petals.

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

One problem I had to solve with this peony paper flower tutorial is the weight. You’ll notice that this flower is a bit floppy. See that each petal slightly overlaps one another. What you want to do is add a bit of glue on the edge to each petal about 2-3 inches from the base. This makes your flower a bit more stable.

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Step 3

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Moving on to our large petals. Add a small dab of glue to the back of each petal and place them in between the XL petals about ½ an inch inward. Do this with all 12 large petals until you have gone around the whole flower. Try to tuck the last petal underneath the starting petal to make for a more flowery look. Again, you can curl the petals more if you would like. Set this aside.

Step 4

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Now, we are going to start the center piece. This does not include what we just made, yet.

To start the center, grab the four peony halves that you cut out. Take two halves and glue them together at the center circle point by overlapping them. Repeat this same process with the other two halves. Once you have done this, curl each petal point inwards.

After curling each petal on both pieces, place one piece on top of the other by gluing the center. Try to get the petals to alternate in between one another so that they are not directly stacked.

Step 5

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

For the final petal, you are going to be cupping the petals. I used my Paper Blooms shaping mat and tool set to roll over each petal. This helps each petal to stand up on their own. If you do not have this tool, you can purchase it in my shop, or you can use your fingers.

Tuck the petals the same direction so they overlap one another so that they are flowing the same direction. Twist them tightly together. Repeat this process with the other peony center cuts.

Step 6

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Now you have 6 cupped peony center cuts. You are going to do exactly what you did with the Peony halves and place each center cut within one another working with the petals to fan them out and then back in again.

As you place more and more within each other it will become thicker. The last piece you place in there will need to be as close and closed it can be.

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Step 7

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Next, you are going to piece everything together. Take what you just made with the six cupped petals and place inside the four peony halves.

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Take your round foam circle disk and glue this down into the inside center base of your peony flower. Test to make sure the center will look good. If you think it looks good, glue the center piece down onto the foam disk. Roll edges more if you feel the need to.

And your flower is now complete!

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

Enjoy your giant Snow Peony!

I loved creating this Peony Paper Flower Tutorial because of their realistic look! Whatcha think? How would you use this paper Snow Peony tutorial? Tell me below! And if you enjoyed this please be a pal and share.

DIY Giant Snow Peony Paper Flower Tutorial


Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

If you prefer watch the video for this peony paper flower tutorial. Turn your volume up for instructions!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous instructions. Where were these in 2011 when I made hundreds of paper flowers for my wedding?! It was so HARD to find thorough instructions. These are real beauts too 🙂

  2. This looks beautiful and you break it down into such manageable steps that I feel like I will actually be able to make this and make it look good. Thank you!

  3. Wow those are so pretty, perfect for a bridal shower or birthday party. I need to pin this DIY for later I can see me doing the project at some point 🙂

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