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How to Stem a Giant Paper Flower: DIY Curved Free-Standing Stem

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A large light pink paper rose with a giant green stem sits in front of organized craft shelves full of supplies. You can make these curved free-standing stems!

Making paper flowers is such a great craft because of the hundreds of possibilities, from types of flowers to stemming and arranging options. Paper flowers can decorate nearly any event or space. When I released my book, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers, back in 2016, I did a tutorial on making stems for giant flowers from PVC. Today, I will share how to make giant paper flower stems that are curved, free-standing, and reusable!

Using the magic of magnets, these curvy stems offer interchangeable flower blossoms on top! Creating a detachable flower means you can use these stems over and over for many different events or projects. Keep reading to find out what supplies I used and scroll down to watch the step-by-step video tutorial!

If you are new to my site, be warned, I LOVE paper flowers. Over the past ten years, I’ve written two books, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers and The Joy of Paper Flowers, which will have you crafting blooms for days!

The flowers I am using in this tutorial today are my Gwendolyn peony rose and Ella Rose style templates.

Ten pictures show Abbi creating DIY giant flower stems that will stand on their own. Use these with Abbi's giant flower templates.

How to Make Curved Giant Paper Flower Stems

The best part about these giant paper flower stems is how easy they are to make; no drills or fancy tools necessary!

In the corner of a white room is a free-standing green stem and giant red paper flowers, with part of another red flower in the foreground. These DIY stems can be created using Abbi Kirsten's templates.

Supplies for Making Giant Flower Stems

Pictured are the supplies needed to create free-standing green stems for large paper flowers. Copper coil, green leaves, a red giant flower, corsage tape and more lay on a marbled table.

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A free-standing green stem is in front of a white wall and a light brown wood floor. The copper wire is in the bottom and the flower will be placed on the magnets on top.

What makes these stems special is the way the flowers can easily pop on and off, so the stem becomes reusable. If you decide not to use magnets, you could use velcro or glue directly onto the foam ball center of the stem.

The giant red paper flower has three magnets, and are being placed on the three magnets on the top of the free-standing green stem.

Make sure to use very durable magnets. I found even with my heaviest flower, 3-4 magnets worked perfectly!

Once you have gathered your supplies, click play on the free-standing stem video tutorial to learn how to build this curvy stem for large paper flowers.

DIY Curvy Giant Flower Stems Video Tutorial

A finished giant red paper peony is attached to a re-usable giant green free-standing curvy stem on a light wooden floor with a white wall.

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A red giant paper peony sits on a leafy, curvy free-standing stem. Behind the papercraft are shelves of organized craft supplies.

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The top graphic is a close-up of a white paper rose on the green stem, while the bottom show three giant red flowers on the re-usable curvy green stem. The center text reads "DIY Curvy Giant Flower Stem Tutorial."

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  1. Hello! Could I use a 1/4 ” copper coil for this stem + flower? Would that be sturdy enough?

    1. Yes, that thickness can work too!

  2. Love this stem! How long is the piece of copper please? I’m in Australia and not sure if we can buy it in a box or by the metre. Thanks Abbi – I loved the flowerfest!