Gold Jewel Christmas Deer Craft

Today I am sharing with you this super easy and amazing Gold Jewel Christmas Deer Craft.

I’m actually really pleased with how well they came out and I hope you will enjoy them to! Oh yeah.. and did I mention both these deer only cost $27 to make?


– Mod podge – Gold spray paint – Extra fine glitter – Flat back rhinestones – Paper Mache deer  – Hot glue gun

In a well ventilated area, start by spray painting the paper mache deer with your gold spray paint.

After your gold spray paint has dried, coat the back of the deer with mod podge. I choose to just do the back, tail and the backside of the head.

Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter onto the areas that you have applied mod podge to. Shake the excess glitter off and let dry completely.

Finally, you need to apply your variety of rhinestones to the back of the deer. This took me about 25 minutes to apply all my rhinestones on with hot glue.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.