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DIY Paper Christmas Tree Craft – Free Templates

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A small kelly-green paper Christmas tree, with a multisided gold star on top and fairly lights among the branches. The tree sits on a white background with silver ornaments scattered around. Create this fun and easy 3D paper Christmas tree craft for your holiday decor this year. Download the FREE SVG and PDF printable templates.

Since Christmas is a great time to create something new, I decided to go for a new approach to a small decorative Christmas tree using paper in this DIY paper Christmas tree craft. I love Christmas, my whole family really does, especially my big brother. He always laughs and tells me instead of a man cave, he would love to have a Christmas room year-round. I think that sounds like a good idea to me. Especially if there was a built-in cookie and cocoa dispenser!

My brother takes interest in my work from time to time and kept mentioning a Christmas tree made from paper. While I haven’t figured out how to make a life-size one yet, I decided to give a small one a go. I think it came out fairly well. Maybe good enough for a Christmas room?! I won’t sugarcoat the fact that it takes a little time to make but is extremely easy to build.

Update: I also made a new version of this paper Christmas tree craft as a natural pine tree!

Supplies for Paper Christmas Tree Craft

First, let’s review our supply list.

A small green paper Christmas tree had a gold base and a gold star. Fairy lights are wrapped around the base and the tree. Silver and white round ornaments decorate the white table. Download the FREE SVG and PDF printable templates.

Download the Free 3D Paper Christmas Tree Templates

Download these free 3D Christmas tree templates by signing up via the form below. Once you set your password via the email sent to you, enter the vault, and search at the top with the keyword “Christmas Tree” or design #64.

If you are already a member, log in to the Freebie Vault Member Portal and find it by searching “Christmas Tree” or Design #64. Read the Freebie Vault ‘how-to’ if you need help.

3D Paper Christmas Tree Video Tutorial

After creating this craft many years ago, I finally made a video tutorial for my 3D paper Christmas tree craft. Watch the 3D Paper Christmas tree instructional video or keep reading for a picture overview.

Paper Christmas Tree Template Measurements

While this paper Christmas tree craft would take an insane amount of time to cut by hand with scissors, I still included printable PDF files if you wish to go that route – maybe make it a class group project?! When using your cutting machine, follow these measurements. I have 38 layers in total. This may vary for everyone a little according to preference, but that is how mine turned out.

This Design Space screenshot shows 38 green flat layers plus all the yellow layers for the top star. This project works best with a cutting machine like Cricut.

Below I have written all the layers and dimensions of each layer I used. Feel free to adjust this, though, I have made a few versions with less and been successful as well.

  • 10.5 by 10.5 inches – 2 layers
  • 10 x 10 inches – 3 layers
  • 9.5 x 9.5 inches – 3 layers
  • 9 x 9 inches – 3 layers
  • 8.5 by 8.5 inches – 3 layers
  • 8 x 8 inches – 3 layers
  • 7.5 x 7.5 inches – 3 layers
  • 7 x 7 inches – 3 layers
  • 6.5 by 6.5 inches – 3 layers
  • 6 x 6 inches – 3 layers
  • 5.5 x 5.5 inches – 3 layers
  • 5 x 5 inches – 2 layers
  • 4.5 x 4.5 inches – 2 layers
  • 4 x 4 inches – 2 layers
  • 3.5 x 3.5 inches – 2 layers
  • 3 x 3 inches – 2 layers
  • 2.5 x 2.5 inches – 2 layers
  • 2 x 2 inches – 2 layers
  • 6 star cutouts as shown in the video, or you can do just one like the picture tutorial.
  • 1 tree base – shown in the video

NOTE: In the SVG files, you will also see an X in the center of each tree layer. This X can be changed to an Operation scoreline in Design Space to score where you will punch the bamboo skewer through. Once changed to a scoreline, make sure to use your Attach tool at the bottom of the Layers Panel to keep the tree template and score X together.

Gluing your paper Christmas tree

You will want to start by cutting out all your layers for the tree. As I said before, I used 38 layers for mine. It may vary a little for everyone.

Each of the square-like edges is going to get folded around like a cone and secured with hot glue. This is, unfortunately, the slightly tedious part but as you can see, it creates a great layered look once we start to assemble.

Close-up photos of Abbi's hands demonstrating how to fold each Christmas tree "branch" in a four picture grid. The green circles have tabs that need to be folded together to make points. The background is a grey and black tabletop. All the branch bases were cutout using a Cricut machine.

Building the Paper Christmas tree

Once you have finished gluing all the points of the tree into cones, you will then want to start stacking them in order of largest size to smallest size.

I am using a basic bamboo skewer to accomplish this. As you stack them, be sure to alternate each layer so that it looks more natural as a full tree. It can be helpful to add a bit of glue in between each layer around the skewer so that the layers don’t move or spin out of place.

Keep adding all the layers until you reach the top. The last couple may prove to be a little hard to roll your tips into cones. If that is the case for you, then just curl the edges downwards for a similar look.

Four photos show an overhead view of how to build the 3D paper Christmas tree by adding each branch layer to a skewered stack going from largest to smallest.

Adding the Star to the Paper Christmas Tree

I’ve added a small star to the top of my tree as well. In my picture tutorial, I used just two-star cutouts back to back, but in my video, I opted for 6-star templates, folded in half and glued together for a 3D effect.

The top photo is a closeup of 3D paper Christmas tree layers, two yellow star layers, and a bamboo skewer. The second photo shows a fully built Christmas tree, and the third photo is a closeup of a completed tree with a gold star topper. Branches and fake snow are added around the paper tree to set the scene.

There you have it! Find a spot to display your pretty paper Christmas tree! An optional idea is to add some small LED twinkle lights around the paper Christmas tree. I have also added a tree base in the video tutorial.

A finished green paper 3D Christmas tree. Silver and white round decorations adorn the white tabletop and white wooden wall. The holiday tree has fairy lights, a gold circular base and a 6 layer 3D paper star topper.

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This eleven-picture graphic shows close-ups of each step needed to build a paper Christmas tree with a skewer base and a gold star topper. The tabletop is gray and the first picture also has synthetic snow and tan branches as background decoration.

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  1. Nice Christmas tree, can you share the template for the 9 petals circles. Thank you for this pretty tree.

    1. Thank you. The templates are available in the post. In the supply section.

      1. Mary Tessen says:

        Thank you! Love this so much! I plan to use them on my dining table decor.

  2. Marie Andersson says:

    Thank you Abbi for the link! I didn´t see more than #13 in the library, but now I can see all. Now going to make a tree!

  3. The link does not take you to the free template. It takes you to your Christmas bundle that you have on sale for $37. I have gone to your free library and have not found it there either! Help?

    1. Hi Mary
      When you log into the freebie vault please take a moment to read all the info at the top of the page, which will explain exactly how to find the freebie you are looking for. 🙂