How To Create Foil Labels With Cricut 

Today, I am delighted to share my step-by-step tutorial on using the Cricut foil tool!

The Cricut foil transfer tool allows you to add shimmering etchings onto things like cardstock, sticker paper, printable vinyl, and faux leather.


– Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore – Printable vinyl – Foil transfer sheets – Cricut foil tool – Cricut pens


The most important part is once you change your line-type for the borders to foil and the text to draw lines, make sure to use your ATTACH tool for each label.


Foil won't transfer all the way. Experiencing issues with the foil not transitioning well usually means you do not have your foil taut enough.

Foil shifts during transfer. Try replacing the Cricut foil strips with some washi tape. I have had better success with washi tape – especially wider rolls.

Go ahead and swipe up to watch the video to see how I make these labels!

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.