Everything You Need to Know for Making Easy Paper Flowers

This post is always evolving based on any recurring questions I may receive from customers and readers here on the blog! I’ve got your back, crafty bestie!

FAQs For Making Easy Paper Flowers

What kind of paper should I use?

Use high-quality cardstock for the best results. I’ve used 176gram/65lb weighted. You can find a variety of colors .

The amount of paper needed to make paper flowers will depend greatly on the style of paper flower you are creating as well as if you are a beginner, using a cutting machine, or cutting by hand.

How many sheets of paper will it take to make one flower?

What other supplies will I need?

- Cricut or sharp craft scissors

- Glue gun and sticks

- A wood dowel or bone tool

If you wish for your flowers to be larger you can always add an additional layer using the extra-large petal.

How do I make my giant flowers extra, extra-large?

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