Silver and Gold Christmas Ornaments: Easy DIY Christmas Craft

DIY-ing your own Christmas ornaments is one of the best ways to bring the family together for a time of crafting and fun. It also comes with the added benefit of creating something unique for your decor and saving some money.

I kicked off the holiday season with some other fun ornaments this year and they have proven to be quite popular, especially for color lovers like myself.

Cut out a bunch of 1 inch circles using your circle punch or your cutting machine. I ended up with about 30 circle per ornament, although everyone’s will vary.

Step 1:

Pick a top point on your foam ball. Glue one circle to that chosen point. You will be working from this spot.

Step 2:

Next glue 5 circles around that first center circle.

Step 3:

To cover the rest of the ornament you will add glue to the top half of each circle piece and tuck it underneath and between the 2 circles above it.

Step 4:

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