Silver and Gold Christmas Ornaments: Easy DIY Christmas Craft

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Easy Christmas Ornament Craft: Elegant DIY Silver and Gold Paper Ornaments. Kid friendly DIY Christmas ornaments to deck your halls this holiday season!

Easy Christmas Ornament Craft: Silver and Gold Paper Bulbs

DIY-ing your own Christmas ornaments is one of the best ways to bring the family together for a time of crafting and fun. It also comes with the added benefit of creating something unique for your decor and saving some money. I stuck with simplicity for today’s easy Christmas ornament craft! These silver and gold paper ornaments are so simple to make and require very basic supplies but they certainly do not lack that Christmas fancy!

I kicked off the holiday season with some other fun ornaments this year and they have proven to be quite popular, especially for color lovers like myself. In fact I went full color mode on my crafty Christmas tree this year!


These supplies can also be found at most crafts stores

Elegant DIY Silver and Gold Paper Ornaments.

Step 1

Cut out a bunch of 1 inch circles using your circle punch or your cutting machine. I ended up with about 30 circle per ornament, although everyone’s will vary.

Step 2

Pick a top point on your foam ball. Glue one circle to that chosen point. You will be working from this spot.

Step 3

Next glue 5 circles around that first center circle.

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Kid friendly DIY Christmas ornaments to deck your halls this holiday season!

Step 4

To cover the rest of the ornament you will add glue to the top half of each circle piece and tuck it underneath and between the 2 circles above it.

Step 5

Continue this till you reach the bottom. When your circles meet at the bottom tuck one or two final circles overlapping each other to finish the bottom side.

DIY Christmas ornaments

Step 6

To hang the ornament, create a loop with some baker’s twine or ribbon and tie it off.

Step 7

Using a spare circle, punch a hole using your hole punch in the center, then thread the twine through.

Step 8

Add glue to the hole punched circle’s underside, and press it over the very first center circle you started with. Let dry, then hang up your ornament!

Easy Christmas Ornament Craft

I love to make these because anyone can do it, and when you make a bunch they really sparkle on your tree! You could also use these to fill vases, place on a wreath or even add one to the top of a gift box for a special touch.

They are definitely a good elegant statement piece of Christmas decor. I seem to have fallen into a trend of sorts this year with eye catching Christmas crafts, when I decided to create a giant bough of paper holly and many other whimsical decor pieces for our home. 

What is your preferred Christmas style? How would you display these lovelies?! Tell me in the comments!

Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts

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