Everything You Need to Know for Making Easy Paper Flowers

In this post, you will learn answers to many beginners frequently asked questions when making paper flowers.

FAQs For Making Easy Paper Flowers

What kind of paper should I use?

Use high-quality cardstock for the best results. I’ve used  176gram/65lb weighted. You can find a variety of colors .

What other supplies will I need?

– Quality Cardstock  – Cricut or Craft scissors – Glue gun & sticks – A wood dowel or bone tool  – Patience, everybody makes mistakes and needs time to learn a little.

The amount of paper needed to make paper flowers will depend greatly on the style of paper flower you are creating.

How many sheets of paper will it take to make one flower?

If you wish for your flowers to be larger you can always add an additional layer using the extra-large petal.

How do I make my giant flowers extra, extra-large?

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