Christmas Bow Template: DIY Giant Paper Gift Bow Tutorial

Its early December right now and I woke up one morning, and suddenly I thought about making a giant paper Christmas bow template.


– 65-pound Cardstock – Scissors or cutting machine – Bow template  – Glue gun – Command hooks

Start by cutting out all your pieces. I used the following count: – 1 5-sided base – 5 extra large bow ribbons – 8 medium bow ribbons – 1 small center bow ribbon – 2 ribbon tails

Each side of the pentagon base represents where you will glue 1 of each 5 extra large bow ribbon cuts. Glue all 5 down to each side.

Gently curl each of the 5 extra large ribbon pieces inwards and glue down. Do NOT crease. It should look like a fluffy ribbon loop!

Repeat the last 2 steps again with 5 of the medium ribbon pieces. Be sure to add the medium ribbon pieces in between the extra large bottom ones.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.