How to Make Small Paper Roses: Camellia Rose Template & Tutorial

I did a lot of troubleshooting with this Camellia paper rose design before I released it because I wanted to get those delicate petal layers to look just perfect!

Choosing the right supplies to make small paper roses is important to get your blossom to look beautiful. Here are the supplies you will want/need to successfully make these lovely Camellia small paper roses.

1. Get your Camellia rose petals cut out. Two of the 6-point petals. Five of the 7-point petals.  2. For two of the 6-point petals, crease each petal point slightly down the middle.

3. Curl each side of the creased petal point backward with a wood dowel. Do this with only two of the 6-point petals.  4. Layer together the two 6-point petals— alternating the petal points.

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