Silver and Gold Christmas Ornaments: Easy DIY Christmas Craft

These silver and gold paper ornaments are so simple to make and require very basic supplies but they certainly do not lack that Christmas fancy!


– Gold and silver paper  – 2-3 inch foam balls – Baker’s twine or ribbon – Standard hole punch – 1 inch circle punch – Glue gun

Cut out a bunch of 1 inch circles using your circle punch or your cutting machine. I ended up with about 30 circle per ornament, although everyone’s will vary.

Pick a top point on your foam ball. Glue one circle to that chosen point. You will be working from this spot.

Next glue 5 circles around that first center circle.

To cover the rest of the ornament you will add glue to the top half of each circle piece and tuck it underneath and between the 2 circles above it.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.