Christmas Poinsettia Flower Mandala Tutorial – Christmas Card Craft

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Handmade Christmas card craft tutorial - 3D layered poinsettia mandala tutorial and SVG templates for Cricut.

Christmas Card Craft – 3D Layered Poinsettia Mandala

Recently I share my 3D sunflower mandala tutorial and how to display the mandalas on a canvas. These tutorials kicked off a mandala theme in my studio, and I decided to create a poinsettia mandala and use the flower for a custom Christmas card craft!

This tutorial will teach you how to layer any mandala together and turn it into a Christmas card craft that you can gift to a loved one this holiday season.

I also have card templates available or you can create your own using the shapes or images in Design Space. If you are interested in more mandalas, be sure to check out this in-depth post here!

3d poinsettia mandala svg

Supplies for Paper Layered Mandalas

Accessing the Poinsettia Mandala Templates

poinsettia mandala templates and card template

The poinsettia mandala is available in the shop for instant download! Use the SVG files with Cricut, Silhouette, or any supporting cutting machine. If you are new to Cricut, learn how to upload SVG files here!

3D Layered Poinsettia Mandala + Card Video Tutorial

For full details be sure to watch the video below!


Note on Machine Settings

Note: If your cardstock is tearing, try Cardstock for Intricate Cuts setting. However, if your cardstock is not cutting all the way through, try selecting MORE pressure on the cut screen. 

When using glitter cardstock or cover weight cardstock, make sure to select the corresponding setting in Design Space Custom settings.

Arranging Mandala Layers in Order

Your mandala pieces may or may not cut out in the order you arrange them. But don’t panic; there is an easy way to make sure you layer them correctly. Just make sure to set all the pieces aside and not lose any – I like to use a shallow container or box to collect my mandala layers.

Whenever you load a mandala file, the layers can always be kept organizing by viewing the layer’s panel to the right. The same way the images are stacked in the layers panel is how you will need to assemble them – so when it doubt, look there!

If you are using one of my card templates that comes with the poinsettia mandala file be sure to change the black line down the center of the card to a scoreline and use your ATTACH tool in the layers panel to hold it in place when you go to cut.

Best Uses for 3D Paper Mandalas

Mandalas are perfect for creating stunning Christmas cards or any occasion cards. I like to add that mandalas have many creative and fun purposes for showing off your creation, such as signs, in bouquets, tops of gifts, canvases, and more!

Check out my two-minute tutorial on turning a mandala into canvas art with my sunflower design.

Seasonal Mandala Home Sign Craft

Mandalas are also wonderful for decorating your home! Recently I made this 3D mandala seasonal home sign – see how to assemble it here!

Need more poinsettias in your life? Click here to view all my designs!


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