A close-up of Abbi Kirsten's book, "The Art of Giant Paper Flowers." The book's cover is black with red and white paper flowers, and the title is in a white brushed script. Off the book's side are gold paper clips and a gold pen.

Giant Paper Flower Book and Template Workbook

DIY-ers, crafts, event decorators, are you looking for your next craft obsession?!

Then be sure to check out this ultimate guide to creating giant paper flowers, a go-to source book for building beautiful, customized paper flower displays, designed for someone just like you. From wedding backdrops, baby or bridal showers, and themed parties to interior home, school and office design, giant paper flowers can add the perfect touch of playful or sophisticated decoration to any setting.

Your purchase includes a tastefully designed 220-page FULL COLOR hardback art book with complete step-by-step instructions on how to craft gorgeous giant paper flowers PLUS a full separate template workbook!

Abbi Kirsten's book, "The Art of Giant Paper Flowers," stands open to the “Introduction to Giant Roses” page, full of colorful pictures and helpful tips.

A graphic full of pictures from Abbi Kirsten's book, "The Art of Giant Paper Flowers," including finished flowers and pieces needed for assembly. A collage of images from Abbi Kirsten's book, "The Art of Giant Paper Flowers," includes close-ups of finished paper flowers and pieces needed to complete the paper crafts.













Contents of the Giant Paper Flower Book

The 220-page, Art of Giant Paper Flower Book provides 24 step-by-step tutorials that include instructions on:


  • three easy methods of building paper flowers (basic method, 4-petal method, roll method)

  • easy pompom centers

  • building giant roses

  • creating center variations

  • creating giant leaves

  • petal curling variations

  • hanging a paper flower

  • building a backdrop

  • stemming a giant flower

  • assembling a supply list (scissors, card stock, glue gun, etc.)


On a white background lies a black and white spiral book by Abbi Kirsten called "The Art of Giant Paper Flowers Workbook." Above the book is text that reads, "Full Template Workbook Included!"

Contents of the Template Workbook

 The Template Workbook, included with your purchase of the Giant Paper Flower Book, consists of 16 flower templates (all rights reserved): 7 original giant rose templates, 9 original giant flower templates, 2 rosette centers, and 3 leaf templates.

Whimsical names given to these flower beauties include: Arielle Style, Everly Style, Priscilla Style, Bella Rose, Giant Dahlia, Hibiscus, Eden Rose, Majesty Rose, Sybelle Rose, Rosie Rose, Regina Rose, Small Regina Rose, Alana Style, Charlotte Style, Chrysanthemum. Giant Peony, and Giselle Style as well as Rosette center, Rose leaf, and Basic leaf. (View the collage images to preview their individual look.)

This book and workbook hold a wealth of information, fun, and beauty so Add to Cart to get started making these fun and pretty paper flowers! We offer secure checkout with any major credit card as well as Paypal.

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"Abbi Kirsten" is written in script font to resemble a signature. There are decorative floral leaves underneath.

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