How to Create Your FREE Account to Access the Freebie Vault

After 5 years of sharing freebies with my readers on Abbi Kirsten Collections, I am kicking the old Freebie Vault (the place where all the goodies are and probably why we first met) to the curb forever!

DON’T PANIC! I haven’t taken anything anyway, nope, the exact opposite, I have rebuilt my Freebie Vault from the ground up according to your P’s and Q’s!

This brand new Freebie Vault experience has the following capabilities…

✅ Create your FREE customize account with the password of your choice.

✅ Search by keyword, category, or the exact template number you need.

✅ Favorite items to your profile inside the Vault so you can quickly download your next project.

✅ Download files as PDF printables, SVG cut files or all-types as zip files.

✅ All crafts are visually displayed to get an idea of the final project while inside the Vault.

✅ Videos/and or blog post instructions and supplies are linked with each craft, so you know exactly where to look for assembly help.

I know it’s widespread these days for crafters like myself to have an entire resource area; well, I’m raising the bar, yup, like to Rocky level.

❌ No more boring lists of links lacking visuals

❌ No more struggling to find what you are looking for

❌ No more universal password – set your own

❌ No more trying to remember which video matches the template you downloaded.


  1. Head over to this page here.
  2. Put in your First Name and Email so I can send you a link to set your preferred password and create your very own account.
  4. Check your inbox and set the password of your choice to unlock the Vault.
  5. Start favoriting projects, and I’ll take you on a full tour here!

Take the Freebie Vault Tour

I know you might be thinking, that sounds like getting my favorite dessert for breakfast, Abbi! But why did you do this? It had to cost you time and money to build something like this. Yes, it did but simply put…

..because I value YOU, yes you, not just the other person who might be reading this, you as much as them.

I want your experience as a part of my readership to be stellar – like the best day ever with a cherry-on-top encounter – even if you don’t ever spend a dime on one of my products. My freebies are a gift, and I love to give meaningful gifts! So enjoy your star treatment!

See ya around! a.k.a your pretty little inbox!


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