Welcome! I’m Abbi!

I’m a Mom, wife, full-time entrepreneur, rainbow enthusiast, and dog lover.

I spend each day making messes and magic, with a mission to make the world a more colorful place, one craft at a time, through sharing Cricut tutorials, papercraft projects, and DIY crafts.


What To Expect On Abbi Kirsten Collections

Paper flowers

I started in the craft biz as a paper flower artist in 2012. I handcrafted many large orders for weddings and parties. After a while, I began to receive so many requests for DIY tutorials which launched me into blogging – and that’s how AKC was born! From lifelike paper flowers for arrangements, wreaths, and bouquets to giant wall flowers perfect for parties and events, there are over 150+ flower templates and tutorials here on Abbi Kirsten Collections!

Cricut projects

Cricut makes crafting easier if you know how to use it! I remember being so confused and frustrated with my Cricut when I started out in 2012. After more than a solid decade of learning everything Cricut can do, I started to teach others the easy way to master using a Cricut machine without feeling frustrated!

Free SVG Files and Printables

I love to give away freebies such as SVG cut files for Cricut, fun printables, and DIY templates in my Craft Vault (create a free account here!). Though I have created a premium paid member experience, our philosophy is to give as much as we take. Fifty percent of everything created on AKC includes a free template, and our tutorial inspiration is always 100% free!

You Were Created To Create


A large graphic shows Abbi Kirsten smiling in a white dress in front of her colorful craft supplies. She is indicating to the text on the left side of the graphic, which says, "Abbi Kirsten Collections Get Freebies in the Craft Vault, Take Me There."