Ecommerce Product Descriptions: 5 Tips that Sell Your Product

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How to Write a Product Description: 5 Steps to Help You Land the Sale. Learn how to write the best ecommerce product descriptions

The importance of your ecommerce product descriptions

Product descriptions, for most small business owners this is either an overlooked part of their business or a dreaded task. It doesn’t have to be either. But it does have to be taken as a critical part to your business success. In today’s post I am going to share with you exactly how to write e-commerce product descriptions that sells!

When a customer clicks to read about your product or service, there is only between a 1% and 5% chance they will purchase from you. Needless to say if you don’t nail your images and product descriptions you will not stand much chance of landing the sale. If you aren’t making between a 1% and 2% conversion then chances are you need to evaluate your images and product’s descriptions.

By the end of this post you will have all you need to sit down and write a great product description copy. I highly recommend that you create your own template for your copy so you can re-purpose and customize it to be used with many products.

As we dive in keep in mind 2 things.

  1. The essential product description should be around 350 words.
  2. Use headers and bullet point to break it into digestible bits.

Common product descriptions mistakes

Here are some common mistakes seller often make

  • They fail to emphasize the primary value of the product.
  • They don’t create enough hype to make the reader want to buy the product.
  • They don’t provide a call to action.
  • They don’t write with the buyer in mind but rather the vendor.

How’s your S.E.L.L?®

Look at your current product descriptions and images then ask yourself if you are covering these key points.

  • Stellar Images
  • Excellent details
  • List your products benefits
  • Lead them to the sale.

Stellar Images

Stellar Images – Images should always be bright, clear and product focused.

It’s important that you provide a variety of images such as; including images of the item in use, close up details and full scope. Ensure that you are using backgrounds and props wisely. Make sure that any props or backgrounds you are choosing to incorporate in your picture compliment the product and draw attention to the product, rather then detracting.

Take this image from Ivory Mix (one of my favorite blogs!). She is photographing a white water bottle on a white background. But notice she added in the green leaves and it make ALL the difference in the world!

Ecommerce product descriptions. How to Write a Product Description.

If you are brand new to photographing your own products I highly suggest researching informative posts and investing in some courses to teach you the basics.

Your Details are Excellent

Excellent details – The rule of thumb should always be to describe the product as if the customer cannot see images of it.

If the customer couldn’t see your product could they successfully put together an idea of it in their minds eye? You could even experiment with this on friends and family to see if your descriptions are juicy enough to hook them! In my experience, if you can sell to a friend or family member you are doing good (yes, they can be the toughest nuts to crack sometimes!).

Here are some ideas of how to elaborate on your product

Physical Products



Size (giving exact measurements should always be a must!)

Style (use trendy words like boho, vibrant, classic, polished, sophisticated etc.)

Materials your item is made of (wood, fabric, metal, etc)

Quantities included

Care of the product

Digital Products and Services

The benefits

Ease of use

What the product can do for the customer

Value of the product

Skills or tutorials included

How the customer will access

How to get the most out of the product

List the Benefits of Your Product or Service

List your products benefits – What problem does your product solve for the buyer?

Address all your customers concerns about the product. Use key descriptive words to tactfully infuse your customer with the positive emotions you want your them to feel from your products or share how your product will help them avoid certain negative feelings. Focus on catering to your ideal customer here while trying not to get hung up on writing it from the vendors (your) perspective. In other words, learn to speak your customer’s language.

How exactly do I learn to speak my customers language?

Start by doing some Google searching. Everybody has a search pattern. Think about the last time you searched for something in Google. Let’s say you were search for throw pillows.

You will likely start out typing in ‘throw pillows’ first – a very broad search. Then perhaps you will see a pillow you like, maybe in this case it is a white pillow.

Usually the customer will head back to the search bar again and type a more specific search like ‘white throw pillows.’ Another pool of results will come up, ideally with the white throw pillow that showed up in the first broad results.

Let’s say the customer searches for a third time,’tassel white throw pillows,’ narrowing down their style even more. And what if that third result yields the same white pillow in the 2 previous searches?

Two Proven Benefits

  • The seller of the white pillow has successfully proven they are what the customer is searching for because they appeared in all 3 search results from their vage search to their specific needs.
  • They have advertised themselves to their ideal customer 3 times. Studies show customers usually need to see a product 3-5 times before they are ready to purchase.

Don’t be a description copy kitty

Yes, I said copy kitty because it’s cuter then copy cat!

Another note on this point is to never copy someone else’s description. First, this is plagiarism which makes it wrong and second Google views this as duplicated content and will not rank you in the least.

Having a one-of-kind product descriptions is best for search engine optimization plus providing exceptional product descriptions builds trust with your customers from the start and increases your sales.

So when you are focusing on creating a description, gather inspiration but don’t be a copy kitty. 

How to Write a Product Description: 5 Steps to Help You Land the Sale. Learn how to write the best ecommerce product descriptions

Lead Them to the Sale – Call to Action

Lead the customer to the sale. This is where your catchy call to action comes in.

I will be the first to admit that adding a call-to-action to a e-commerce product description was not obvious to me in the least at first. Don’t assume that call-to-actions are for opt-ins or ads only. The truth, is if you are not adding a call-to-action to your description you could be missing out on sales. The call-to-action is often the clincher that seals the deal if the following points above have been executed well. It’s even better if you can incorporate a hook with the call-to-action like the last bullet point below.

Here are a few examples of call-to-actions

  • Get your free proposal now
  • Buy your one-of-a-kind handmade necklace here
  • Download your templates now
  • Shake things up with our new collection
  • Shop all new arrivals
  • Get everything with our all-access plan
  • Feel like a fashionista at your next gathering – shop fresh looks now

Bonus Tip

Make the product description as easy as apple pie. Customers will generally still have a question or two. Providing some key links can really help out your customer. This shows that you value their time and yours.

Key links to include in your description:

  • A contact page
  • FAQs
  • Copyrights that may apply to your product

Since you now know the key steps to success I’m going to wrap this post up with a prime example. Let’s look at an example so you can see how this all comes together! I’m going to use an example from my shop. I have sold more then a 1,300 copies of my self-published book, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers. Not trying to brag, but truth ya’ll … Let’s take a read..

Ecommerce Product Description Example

Giant Paper Flower Book and Template Workbook

DIY-ers, crafts, event decorators, are you looking for your next craft obsession?!

Be sure to check out this ultimate guide to creating giant paper flowers, a go-to source book for building beautiful, customized paper flower displays designed for someone just like you. From wedding backdrops, baby or bridal showers, and themed parties to interior home, school and office design, giant paper flowers can add the perfect touch of playful or sophisticated decoration to any setting. 

What’s included?

Your purchase includes a tastefully designed 220-page FULL COLOR hardback art book with complete step-by-step instructions on how to craft gorgeous giant paper flowers PLUS a full separate template workbook!

 Contents of the Giant Paper Flower Book

 The 220-page Giant Paper Flower Book provides 24 step-by-step tutorials that include instructions on:

    • three easy methods of building paper flowers (basic method, 4-petal method, roll method)

    • easy pompom centers

    • building giant roses

    • creating center variations

    • creating giant leaves

    • petal curling variations

    • hanging a paper flower

    • building a backdrop

    • stemming a giant flower


Contents of the Template Workbook

The Template Workbook, included with your purchase of the Giant Paper Flower Book, consists of 16 flower templates(all rights reserved): 7 original giant rose templates, 9 original giant flower templates, 2 rosette centers, and 3 leaf templates.

Whimsical names given to these flower beauties include:

Arielle Style, Everly Style, Priscilla Style, Bella Rose, Giant Dahlia, Hibiscus, Eden Rose, Majesty Rose, Sybelle Rose, Rosie Rose, Regina Rose, Small Regina Rose, Alana Style, Charlotte Style, Chrysanthemum. Giant Peony, and Giselle Style as well as Rosette center, Rose leaf, and Basic leaf. (View the collage images to preview their individual look.)

The book and workbook hold a wealth of information, fun, and beauty while being easy enough for any beginner so add this gem to your cart to get started making these fun and pretty paper flowers!

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  • Still have questions? Send us a message here!

And thanks for shopping at CC Designs! 

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Writing a an ecommerce product description doesn’t have to be hard but it is absolutely essential that you nail it to boost your conversion rate. If you have been in business a while and your sales are down be sure to heavily evaluate your descriptions. If you are just starting out now you know how to get off to the right start!

Wishing you creativity and success!

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