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Paw Patrol Birthday- Party- Pup-tastic Ideas!

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Paw Patrol Birthday Ideas and Decorations

A tall graphic outlines in thick red lines. "Free Paw Patrol Printables" is written across the top. Examples of Paw Patrol crafts adorn the rest of the graphic, like masks, banners, and stickers. Use Cricut and your creativity to make these easy Paw Patrol party decorations.

I’ve got some FABULOUS pup-tastic ideas for you today!

I’m going Pup- tacular this week with all Paw Patrol featured items! Why you might ask?

Because my little boy Wyatt Michael Paul is turning 3 June 1st!

Let me get this out of the way early in the post… I can’t believe how fast time has gone! (insert balling mother here)

In honor of my little man’s birthday and his personal request of Paw Patrol as the party theme (or as he called it specifically ‘Marshall Party’) I went on a search for some of the cutest Paw Patrol ideas and decorations I could find.
Annndd I’m super excited this week because I have doodled my own personal Paw Patrol photo props graphics and want to let you download it for FREE!

Keep reading because there are more freebies in this post you don’t want to miss! Now it feels like your birthday too, doesn’t it?

Okay step right up Paw Patrol party find number one..

1. Paw Patrol Iron On Transfer Shirt 

A little girl shows off her white t-shirt with a Paw Patrol Iron On transfer of all the characters and the logo.
A woman models a close-up of her Paw Patrol white t-shirt with all thee characters depicted from an iron-on transfer.
Iron Paw Patrol matching shirts?! I totally geeked out when I found these! My son’s party is in a week and if I can find a few minutes I will definitely be grabbing one of these for a special birthday shirt for him!

2. Free Paw Patrol Party Printables

Easy, printable color Paw Patrol badges featuring all 6 characters from the cartoon. These make great stickers of alternative decorations.
Yes! More freebies! between my special paw Patrol Masks below and this site, Delicate Construction you will be all set on your paper needs for a Paw-mazing party! Are you getting tired of the freebies or my inventive cool words yet? Nope, me neither! 
Use these for favor “doggie bags” cupcake toppers, or just print on re-positional sticker paper for goodies in the doggie bags. 
I think I’ll save this in my reward stickers for my son too. Check out this post here on a great behavior chart system for toddlers. 

3. Serendipity Decorations 

This crafter work solely off of Instagram with email requests [email protected]. Her work is honestly stunning. There is just about any available character and she ships worldwide! 
How Paw-dorable is this pup-themed name? 

4. Photo Prop Frame

A blue cutout with Chase, Marshall, and other characters make a Paw Patrol birthday photo booth photo prop frame by FalconArte.
Perfect for framing those puppy smiles! Rosie’s Posh Parties makes these and  a lot of other fun party decor! I imagine this would make a great DIY project if you are up for it!
On the note of photo props… here comes

my personal creation and FREE Paw-tastic props!

A colorful example of masks of Paw Patrol characters, like Skye and Rumble. Use these as party favors for your kid's next birthday party.
The links are water mark free 🙂 
Access all these fun puppy character props in my craft resource library in the party printables section!
Other supplies you will need:

Glue gun & sticks
♥ Tape or laminator if you choose to enlarge at home. 
Wood dowels, straws or bamboo skewers. 

A cartoon illustration of a Paw Patrol banner that featured badges and character symbols like fire for Marshall and a police badge for Chase. Chase, Marshall and Skye are on the graphic and the text reads "Paw Patrol Free Birthday Banner" with a yellow dog paw print.



5. Paw Patrol Party Ideas by Pretty my Party

I wanted to throw in this link last because it has several amazing ideas! The cute DIY fire hydrant really caught my eye! Just check it out!
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Check out my Let’s Party group board on Pinterest for more ideas and request an invite! 
Hope you have a Paw-fect party! That’s my last one I promise..

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  1. Thanks for these. My daughter has had fun all morning making a Paw Patrol banner. She even said it was better than TV!

    1. My son is so excited I found these! I was able to find and print the props but not the banner… Am I missing something?

  2. THANK YOU!!! These look awesome! I'm so glad you have a lot of Everest things too, she's my daughters favorite! She's going to have a great 4th birthday.

  3. Abigail Gillespie says:

    You're so welcome! Glad I could help make her day special! 🙂

  4. These are perfect for my grandson's 2nd birthday party. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Abigail Gillespie says:

    Glad I could help! 🙂

  6. Where is the link to download and print these? My daughter would love them!

    1. It’s right after the image of the props about half way through the post. You will see a hyperlink that says “Paw Patrol Party Props” to click on. 🙂

  7. Jose Tzita says:

    Geniaaaal… Gracias por compartir. Mi sobrino lo disfrutara bastante.

  8. Hi. Is there a new link for the photo prop printables?? I cant seem to find them! Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda!
      Please click the link near the bottom of the post to sign up for the subscriber library. Once you confirm your email you will be given a password and you can download them under the party printables section of the resource library. 🙂