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Paper Flowers for Baby Showers: A Special Guest Post

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A three-picture graphic with a text box in the center. The top picture shows a decorated table for a baby shower with paper flowers and cupcake stands. The two pictures at the bottom are closeups of giant paper flowers. The center text reads, "Shabby Chic Baby Shower" in flourished cursive.

Welcome, fellow crafters! We have a special Guest Post brought to you by Nathalie Brown from Press Print Party! Nathalie is showing us how she used some of my flower patterns to decorate for a baby shower. The decor is gorgeous, and I’m thrilled to share this with you! Find out where to get theses and other templates below!

Paper Flowers For Baby Showers – A Shabby-Chic Theme

Hi! I’m Nathalie, a maker who loves to decorate for baby showers! The excitement of a cherished new life is an irresistible cause for celebration. When I got the chance to make DIY paper flowers for a baby shower, my creative ideas started flowing. The inspiration for this baby shower first came from my grey and pink damask baby shower printables, which are both shabby-chic and vintage. Shabby chic is never out of style, and vintage decorations are so delicate and sweet – perfect for a baby girl’s party.

I wanted to add a focal point in the room since I was doing paper flower centerpieces for the baby shower. I did that by creating a stunning dessert table full of homemade decorations. To emphasize the theme, I used some fantastic small painted doors as a backdrop and the pink and white paper flowers I made from Abbi’s templates the stars of the dessert table.

A closeup of a clear balloon with colored confetti inside next to large pink and white paper flowers mounted to a backdrop.

Let’s Talk Party Decorations and Dessert Tables

You need a focal point to bring a theme together, and a specialized table can do the trick. Consider the impact decorations can have on a dessert, present, or photo table, whether in the party room or holding a guest log at the door.

Paper Flowers Create Decoration Cohesion

I love everything about paper flowers. They’re inexpensive to make but are really impactful. An array of paper flowers can transform any party backdrop into a showcase piece. Best of all, paper flowers can tie all other decorations together to create a clear theme while filling out bare spots.

A table decorated for a baby shower. There are large paper flowers, a banner made from tassels and triangle flags, a white wooden backdrop on which another banner is hung, and decorative paper fans adorn the walls. These designs can be found on Abbi Kirsten’s blog.
A closeup of two rustic wood used as a backdrop for a dessert table at a baby shower. The wood is white, distressed, and decorated with a banner that reads "Roma" and large, delicate paper flowers.

For this baby shower, it wasn’t my first time using paper flowers, but it was my first time using a template. I’d made my own before, and they were nice, but an expert maker’s pattern made a big difference.

I used Abbi Kirsten’s large Charlotte rose and giant Sophia rose patterns, and although I loved them both, I really adored how beautiful the special folding of petals on the Charlotte pattern looked.

A three-picture graphic showing three different paper flowers you can make for any special occasion. The top and bottom pictures feature two pink paper roses, and the center picture shows a white paper flower with paper leaves.

Making the Paper Flowers

I used pink and white cardstock to create the flowers. I found the pink worked well, but I wanted some softer pink color, too, so I took two white flowers and painted the ends of the petals with pink watercolors before gluing them. They ended up being everyone’s favorites.

The centers of the pink flowers are grey, which softens the look and fits in with the theme. I didn’t have grey cardstock, so I printed a 50% grey tone on a white sheet of cardstock and folded it to show the grey. I also used black watercolors to create the grey centers of the pink watercolor flowers.

I used the petal center included in the pattern and the fringed pompom center. The combination of both centers and the playfulness of the colors added to the visual excitement.

Pro-Tip: To shade the edges of paper petals, you can also use Distress Ink or Cricut Watercolor Pens.

Making the Paper Leaves

The leaves were a cinch to make, and the vines cut perfectly with my Cricut cutting machine. I don’t think I would cut the vines by hand. It’s doable, but it sure would be time-consuming. I used green cardstock and folded the leaves to enhance depth.

More Greenery Templates:

Leafy Vines Set | Elegant Vine Set | Small Leaf Base #2 | Tropical Leaves Set

An overhead view of a pink paper flower with a white center and paper greenery on a gray background. The petals have wavy edges, which adds softness to the paper flower.

Bringing It All Together

The flowers on the backdrop were only the beginning. A couple of ladies helped me make enough flowers and vines to make a centerpiece on every table. We made personalized stickers for the bottom of the Hersey’s Kisses, which were used as fun and yummy confetti!

I used my pink and grey damask printables for the banners, place cards, and Hersey’s Kisses labels to bring the whole theme together.

A closeup overhead view of two large paper flowers used to decorate a baby shower. One flower is pink, and the other is white and includes paper greenery. The templates for these paper flowers can be found on catchingcolorflies.com.
An overhead picture of four paper flowers in large and giant sizes, with paper greenery on a wooden background. Each paper flower was created using templates designed by Abbi Kirsten and made the perfect flowers for baby shower decorations.
A closeup of blooming paper flowers used as decoration for a shabby chic baby shower. Paper leaves are visible from under a flower.

The party was a great success, and the decorations were truly spectacular. Paper flowers for baby showers are the best way to create a fun, festive, and unique atmosphere. I couldn’t have done it without Abbi Kirsten’s flower patterns!

Templates for Your Own Paper Flower Baby Shower Decorations

Get all the templates and supply lists for shabby-chic paper flowers for baby showers at Abbi Kirsten’s shop on Etsy, Catching Colorflies! The shabby-chic set comes with:

  • Three flower templates (Charlotte, Lucy, and Peony)
  • Three vine templates (Whimsical Vine, Skinny Vine, and Scrolling Vine)
  • One leaf template (Standard)
  • PDF printables, SVG cut files & PNG images
  • Video tutorials on my YouTube channel
  • Instructions for hanging and displaying your flowers
  • FAQs

Pro-Tip: Templates will make up to 17-inch flowers – but you can size them up or down!

Get More Paper Flower Theme Décor!

Paper flowers aren’t just for baby showers! You can use them to make the fun bloom at any party. Use paper flowers to bring elegance to a bridal shower or college graduation. You can create beautiful, themed birthday parties and craft cat- and dog-safe poinsettias for holiday get-togethers.

Try one of these themes for your next party!

A closeup image shows a large pink paper flower with a fluffy flower center, blooming petals, some paper leaves, and a white wooden background. These paper flowers are designed by Abbi Kirsten and made by Nathalie Brown from Press Print Party for a shabby-chic baby shower.
Hersey’s kisses with baby shower stickers on the bottom are strewn about on decorative paper foliage and under the blooming petals of a white paper flower.

About Nathalie Brown

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