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Boho Tribal Decor- Watercolor Print

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Bohemian Watercolor Print Home Decor
boho tribal watercolor arrow, skull, and dream catcher wall prints

Welcome back to freebie Friday!

I’ve been trending some boho gold foil prints in the shop this week! Designing these are a lot of fun and it’s nice to break out of the normal paper crafting I do from time to time. 

Although I am a self taught graphic artist I really hope to one day get a degree in designing because there is so much cool stuff to learn! 

So for freebie Friday I’ll be giving away a free boho wall print download. But before I do I just wanted to share a few links I found with some really cool bohemian home decor ideas. 
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1. Dream Catchers

hanging dream catchers over the bed...catching dreams and making sleeping easy! Would love to do this over my daughters cot bed //:
I love me some dream catchers when it comes to home decor. If I was a single girl I probably would have something like this photo in my home. I especially love the lace and doily re-purposing here!

2. Pillows

Here's another easy way to get the instant boho feel: Mix and match vibrant colors and intricate patterns with a smattering of pillows in your reading nook. And don't forget the tassels--like the multicolored ones adorning Pier 1's Boho Tassel Pillow.:
There is just no way not to have some colorful pillows and rugs when going for the bohemian look. 

3. Feathers

DIY painted feathers for boho wedding decor. Suggestion by http://roomdecorideas.eu/:
These painted feather are gorgeous. I would imagine you could use them in a shadow box for home decor or a vase. 

4. Decorative Cow Skull

19 BOHO-CHIC HOLIDAY GIFTS: Give your music festival-loving, wanderlust-craving friends these gifts and you'll make their holiday season! Click through for colorful, fun, and cheap gift ideas from Cosmopolitan.com.:
Buy one or paint one yourself, these decorative cow skulls are no doubt a big marker for boho chic style. Click the image to check out more ideas like this!

5. Candles

SoulMakes Blog - Caught in a Dream / Sacred Spaces <3    Mind, Spirit, Yoga, Meditation    Pinned By:  Live Wild Be Free  www.livewildbefree.com  Cruelty Free Lifestyle & Beauty Blog.  Twitter & Instagram @livewild_befree  Facebook http://facebook.com/livewildbefree:
Candles are obviously great for home ambiance in general, but I really love these quartz rock candles though, very unconventional. 

And finally to add to your boho chic space here is your free digital 8×10 home print! “Don’t quit your day dream.”

 I kindly ask, if you enjoyed this article and plan to download the print for use, please share this post on Pinterest. 


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What are some of your favorite boho inspired decor ideas? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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  1. Those feathers are seriously gorgeous. Great roundup for a collection of boho projects!

  2. Abigail Gillespie says:

    Thank you!