DIY Snowglobe Mason Jar Craft

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It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! It’s nearly impossible for me to not immerse myself in all of the fun that comes with The Holiday Season. You’ll find me shopping, watching super cute Christmas movies, in the kitchen making a sweet treat, and (of course) DIY’ing my way through gifts, decor, and everything in between.

And, like any good Holiday Cheermeister would do- I’m sharing a cute DIY Gift idea just in time for you to craft your heart into the spirit of giving.

Today we are working on:

DIY Snowglobe Mason Jar Craft



Gather your supplies.
I’m using a standard mason jar so a 70 mm Christmas fillable ball will be the size I need for the globe top.

TIP 1: You may need to trim down some of your pieces if you are using the 70mm ball half like I am.

Tip 2: These plastic fillable balls are available in many sizes. You could use an extra large mason jar to fill as a cookie jar!

Tip 3: If your mason jar lid is in 2 pieces you will need to add a lip of glue to the inside so it stays together as one piece.

Now, let’s get started!

Step 1:
Trace a circle on white cardstock using your mason jar lid as a guide. Then cut the circle out.

Step 2:
Once you have cut out your circle it’s time to glue down your pieces of choice. I’ve chosen some polymer clay characters and small pieces from my local craft store.

Step 3:
Once you glue your pieces down sprinkle some snow over the top.

Step 4:
Cover the rim of your ball with glue and press down onto the cardstock.

Step 5:
Now glue the whole top snowglobe piece to the mason jar lid

Step 6:
Fill your jar with candy, recipe ingredients, bath salts, etc. and find someone to gift it to.

Aren’t these literally THE. CUTEST. THINGS. I can’t wait to give these out to friends and family this year! I hope you enjoy this DIY Snowglobe Mason Jar Craft Tutorial as much as I did making it!

Merry Christmas, friends!!

DIY Snowglobe Mason Jar Craft

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