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The Ultimate Guide To Crepe Paper Flower Supplies

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Welcome to your comprehensive guide on all the essential supplies you need for crafting lifelike crepe paper flowers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, this article will walk you through every item required to create stunning floral arrangements out of crepe paper. Let’s dive into the crepe paper crème de la crème of paper flower making supplies!

Choosing the Right Crepe Paper

The foundation of any crepe paper flower is, unsurprisingly, the crepe paper itself. It comes in various weights, which are measured in grams per square meter (gsm). Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right type of crepe paper for your paper flower projects.

  • 60 Gram Crepe Paper: This is the lightest option and can be somewhat transparent when stretched. It’s also more prone to tearing, making it less ideal for beginners.
  • 90 Gram Crepe Paper: Perfect for those who want a balance between flexibility and durability. It’s thick enough to hold shape well yet not so stiff that it looks unnatural. This is my preferred choice for most projects.
  • 180 Gram Crepe Paper: The thickest option, suitable for projects needing more structure. However, it can be challenging to work with due to its stiffness and is often found with visible seams.
  • Cardstock: Medium-weight cardstock can be used as a base for larger crepe paper flowers or can be used to enhance crepe paper flowers.

When shopping for crepe paper, look for rolls around 19 to 20 inches wide. The length will vary by brand, but this standard width is ideal for crafting beautiful flowers.

Cutting Tools

Detail is key when cutting crepe paper:

Coloring and Finishing Touches

To give your flowers a lifelike appearance, consider these artistic additions:

Essential Adhesives

Moving onto adhesives, you will find yourself reaching for these two types most often:

  • High-Temp Hot Glue Gun: This is essential for quickly securing parts of your flower. A mini glue gun is best for applying glue in those delicate areas. Ensure you have plenty of glue sticks on hand.
  • Precision Liquid Craft Glue: Perfect for fine details and delicate applications where hot glue might not be suitable. I recommend brands like Bearely Art for its quick-drying and strong adhesive properties.

Special Techniques: Double-Sided Petals

For those interested in creating double-sided petals, here are a couple of methods:

  • Craft Glue: Use precision liquid craft glue to adhere two cut petals together, enhancing their color and strength.
  • Fusible Webbing: Use this method for a seamless double-sided effect. Place the webbing between two layers of crepe paper and apply heat to bond. You will need a use a heat press and a high-temperature mat.
  • Mod Podge: Use a paintbrush to lightly spread the Mod Podge on the petals.

Stems and Wires

Stemming your flowers adds realism and versatility. You’ll need:

  • Floral Wire: Available in various gauges. Use 18-gauge for the main stem (thicker and holds up well under the weight of the flower), and 24 or 26-gauge for more delicate parts like leaf stems. (Tip: The larger the gauge wire, the thinner the wire becomes.)
  • Wire Cutters and Needle Nose Pliers: Essential tools for cutting and manipulating wire.
  • Covering Your Wire: For a more natural look, consider using floral tape or thin strips of crepe paper to cover your wires.
  • Wood Beads, Cotton Spun Balls, or Mini Foam Balls: Help attach your stem to the flower and create a realistic-looking center.
  • Air Dried Clay: Great for when you need to shape a flower center or other part of an arrangement.

Organizational & Arrangement Supplies

Keeping your materials organized will streamline your crafting process:

  • Storage Solutions: Use clear pouches or folders to store and protect your cut petals and templates.
  • Templates: Maintain a collection of your most used shapes to standardize and speed up production.
  • Vases: A mini vase or large vase can be a unique way to display your stemmed flowers.
  • Clear Floral Tape: This can help create support for your flowers to be displayed in a vase.
  • Foam Floral Base: Will help create a base for your flower arrangement.
  • Ribbon: Can accent your vase or bouquet handle.
  • Butcher Paper: Help protect your surface when using Pan Pastels and Distress Inks & Oxides.
  • Gloves
  • Mini Sewing Clips: Clip template and paper together to help you hand cut multiple flowers at once.
  • Printer: Print out your templates for hand cutting.

Final Assembly

Once your components are prepared, the assembly process involves shaping, gluing, and attaching the flowers to their stems. For shaping, simple tools like a Cricut scraper, wood dowel or, even your fingers can create natural curves and bends in the petals.

Showcasing Your Crepe Paper Flowers

Finally, consider how you want to display your flowers. Whether arranging them in a vase with floral foam or creating a floral wreath, the presentation will enhance the overall beauty of your craft.

By equipping yourself with these essential supplies and techniques, you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful, lifelike crepe paper flowers. Remember, each project is an opportunity to refine your skills and add your unique touch to this delightful craft.

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