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The Ultimate Guide To Crepe Paper Flower Supplies

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Learning how to make paper flowers takes time and patience, but having a list of the best supplies to start with makes the process so much easier. In my 13+ years of making paper flowers, I have learned all the tricks and the top resources for crafting lifelike paper flowers. In this post, I will share all my resources with you.

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Premium Italian Crepe Paper Rolls

Colorful stack of crepe paper rolls

The foundation of any crepe paper flower is, unsurprisingly, the crepe paper itself. It comes in various weights, which are measured in grams per square meter (gsm).

Each weight behaves a little differently, and depending on the flower, you may want a heavier crepe paper or a lighter weight crepe paper.

Most crepe paper rolls measure about 20 inches wide, and lengths may vary depending on the brand. I personally love the Cartefini brand the most because of the high quality of the material they use.

  • 60 Gram Crepe Paper: This is the lightest option and can be somewhat transparent when stretched. Crepe paper is incredibly strong, so don’t worry about the light crepe paper tearing. With that said, the lighter crepe paper will be easier to tear then the heavier ones.
  • 90 Gram Crepe Paper: This is my favorite crepe paperweight. I use it for all my flowers because of the balance between flexibility and durability. It’s thick enough to hold shape well yet not so stiff that it looks unnatural.
  • 180 Gram Crepe Paper: The thickest option, suitable for projects needing more structure. However, it can be challenging to work with due to its stiffness. Additionally, with some brands, the thicker crepe paper has noticeable seams that can be a little unsightly.
  • Cardstock: Yes, at times crepe paper flowers also require having some cardstock on hand. Medium-weight cardstock (65 pound or 176gsm) can be used as a base for larger crepe paper flowers or can be used to enhance crepe paper flowers.

Cutting Tools For Crepe Paper

Cricut Maker machine that can cut crepe paper with a rotary blade
  • Scissors: Invest in a sharp pair for general cutting and a pair of detail scissors or mini-detail scissors for intricate shapes and tiny fringe centers, which is very common for crepe paper flowers.
  • Rotary Cutter and Self-Healing Mats: Since crepe paper comes in large rolls, you need to be able to trim the paper down. You can do this with scissors, of course, but a large rotary blade and cutting-safe mat can offer a faster and more precise cutting experience, especially useful for large batches. Add a straight edge when using a rotary blade to keep ends tidy.
  • Cutting Machine and Cutting Mat: Machines, such as the Cricut Maker/Maker 3 and the Silhouette Cameo 4, have a rotary blade attachment that can cut crepe paper.

    The rotary blade is required for cutting with a machine because of the ridges and grain throughout the crepe paper. If you do not own a Cricut Maker model, then opt for cutting by hand with scissors, which is easier with crepe paper than with cardstock paper flowers.

Shading, Coloring, and Distressing Crepe Paper Petals

Distressing crepe paper petals with inks and oxides

Adding some color using various art mediums to your crepe paper petals makes these paper blooms come to life and mimic nature beautifully. Let’s cover my favorite distress options.

  • Distress Oxides and Inks: Ideal for adding subtle color and shading to your petals.
    I prefer the oxides, which are creamier and more opaque, than the inks, which are more translucent and let the crepe paper show through more. In my years of personal experience I feel the oxides also blend together better.
  • Pan Pastels: Pan pastels are beautiful and blend effortlessly. This soft and powder art medium is often paired with crepe paper flowers. The reason I tend not to use them in my own crafts in because of how much the pan pastels rub off on fingers and fade. A workable fixative is required to hold the pan pastel on the crepe paper to prevent smudging.
  • Acrylic Paint Markers and Water-Based Brush Markers: Great for adding detailed lines and vibrant colors. You can use small damp brushes to blend the color as well.
  • Distress Crayons: These can be used to achieve vibrant coloring effects on crepe paper, and they are water, so a damp art sponge spreads this color a long way. Plus, this option is one of the more affordable choices!
  • Blending Brushes: These ultra fine-fiber bristle brushes are my favorite for using inks and oxides.
  • Paint Brushes: For more detailed work, paintbrushes in various sizes work really well for pan pastels or oxides.
  • Art sponges: These soft sponges play well with pan pastels and distress crayons for blending colors seamlessly.

Shaping and Curling Paper Flower Petals

Cutting crepe paper flowers by hand

There are three ways to shape crepe paper petals. The first is to simply use your hands and fingers, which you will do no matter what when stretching the centers of petals and creating a cupped authentic petal look.

Secondly, a curling tool like this Cricut scraper tool works very well for curling crepe paper backward or forward for a subtly curved result.

You can also opt for a thin wood dowel for the curling process, but in my experience, the Cricut scraper tool produces a better result.

Glue and Adhesives

When it comes to the glue that holds our handmade paper flowers together, there are a couple of options you will always want to have on hand to make the crafting process as easy as possible.

  • High-Temp Hot Glue Gun: This is essential for quickly securing parts of your flower. A mini glue gun is best for applying glue in those delicate areas. Ensure you have plenty of glue sticks, too. I will often use my hot glue gun to attach petals to each other or the centers.
  • Precision Liquid Craft Glue: Perfect for fine details and delicate applications where hot glue might not be suitable because hot glue can be chunky and thick and not work when trying to overlap two petals or leaf halves. I recommend brands like Bearly Art for their quick drying and strong adhesive properties.
Shaping large pink crepe paper petals

Creating Double-Side Crepe Paper (Adhesive Options)

Double-sided crepe paper can be beautiful, but it requires a few extra steps. Here are the supplies and techniques I recommend if you wish to create a two-toned petal or leaf.

Glue Pre-cut Petals Together

After cutting all your petals out, pair them up back to back with the two colors of crepe paper you wish to use.
Next, choose between the Bearly Art craft glue or Mod Podge and a paintbrush to gently spread a light coat onto the petals and press them back-to-back.

Double-Sided Crepe Paper Sheets

If you wish to cut a sheet of crepe paper and make it double-sided before cutting petals, then consider using a dried glue-like fusible webbing and an EasyPress to create a two-tone sheet of crepe paper.

You will also need a heat-safe surface when pressing two sheets together with the fusible webbing glue in between.

The glue will melt between the crepe paper, giving you that final two-sided look. This process is easy and beautiful but does create a lot of extra steps and even material waste. In my personal experience, I prefer to use liquid craft glue as it is faster and more affordable.

Floral Wires and Flower Center Supplies

In most cases, you will always build your crepe paper flowers on a stem as you go petal by petal. There are a variety of floral wire thicknesses to keep on hand.

  • Floral Wire is available in various gauges. Use 18-gauge for the main stem (it is thicker and holds up well under the weight of the flower). For tinier flowers, leaves that overlap, or small centers, a thinner wire can be better. Keep 24 gauge wire or even 26 gauge floral wire on hand for those cases.
  • Wire Cutters and Needle Nose Pliers: Essential tools for cutting and bending your wire when you need to shape it.
  • Covering Your Wire: For a more natural look, consider using floral tape or thin strips of crepe paper to cover your wires.
  • Wood Beads, Cotton Spun Balls, or Mini Foam Balls: These small round supplies work best for creating centers with crepe paper roses or anemones that require a ball center to start with. I prefer the cotton spun balls, but the foam balls and wood beads can work great, too.
  • Air Dried Clay: Using air clay is ideal for any shape you want to make from scratch, like bases for our toadstools, centers, or other tiny details. Air dry clay easily dries over night and doesn’t require any extra equipment to use it!
Crepe peonies in cream and pink

Organizational & Arrangement Supplies

Staying organized when doing paper flowers is super important especially when keeping track of your flower templates and petals in the process of being cut out for various flowers. Below are my favorite extra items to keep on hand when making crepe paper flowers.

  • Storage Solutions: Use clear pouches or folders to store and protect your ready-to-use petals and templates. This helps me from losing my petals or having them wet or torn during my process of crafting.
  • Vases: A mini vase or large vase can be a unique way to display your stemmed flowers. I also use vases just to hold my flowers upright once they are made. Having a flower rest on it’s side or face will cause stretching and bending. So, at the very least, have a few cheap glass vases to hold your completed stemmed flowers.
  • Clear Floral Tape: This crystal clear tape can be stretched over the top of vases to help with arranging or keeping flowers from drooping in arrangements.
  • Foam Floral Base: Keep a variety of foam form bases for arranging and shoving stems into the bottom of vases.
  • Ribbon: Can accent your vase or bouquet handle.
  • Butcher Paper: Help protect your surface when using Pan Pastels and Distress Inks & Oxides.
  • Gloves: Great if you are using pan pastels and messy art mediums.
  • Mini Sewing Clips: Clip template and crepe paper together to help you cut multiple flowers petals at once with a pair of scissors.
  • Printer: If you are not using a cutting machine, then a simple home inkjet printer to get the flower templates cut out. Alternatively, you can borrow a friend’s printer or go to your local printer or local library to print out your templates on cardstock.
Crepe paper succulents in a large potted bowl in purple, green and blue.

The only thing left beyond the list above is if you want any extra items to construct your final flower ensemble, such as a wreath base, vase bowls, flower pots, etc. If you are working with large crepe paper flowers, then you may want to explore other supplies for hanging giant paper flowers.

You certainly do not need everything on this list to make beautiful crepe paper flowers for yourself and special occasions, but you now know every tool and trick that you can play around with when making paper flowers.

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