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The Best Free Fonts for Cricut & Silhouette

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A four picture square of four different fonts. Get 60 of the best free and paid font for Cricut.

The ability to use text with your Cricut is so important. After all, most of us will have a project that we want to apply the text to at some point! While Cricut does have some free fonts and paid, of course, there are times you may want to add your own. Adding your own fonts is super easy, but the question is, where do I find the best free fonts for Cricut?

Fonts are the magic glue that holds most designs together. Fonts have the power to invoke the overall feeling of a design, from jagged, sharp corners for a bold effect to soft curves or bubble typography for a sense of fun; choosing the right font pair or trio is sometimes overwhelming.

So here’s the thing: learning the art of mixing fonts takes some patience and rules of practice. Let’s cover the keys to success for the best font marriages.

In this post, I will give you 30+ of the best free Cricut fonts perfect for cutting machine crafts as well as 30 of the best-paid fonts!

I’ve used 90% of the fonts on this page, so I can attest to the fact that they are AMAZING!

How to Pair Fonts for SVG Designs

Before I list all of my favorite fonts, let’s chat about how to match and pair fonts so the design works well together. We’ve all done it: purchase or download a ton of gorgeous font designs but then we get stumped on what fonts pair well together. There are a few rules of picking a match made in font heaven for a synergistic design.

When Pairing Fonts Go Easy on the Variety

Simple is always superior to busyness. If you go too crazy with mixing more than 2 or 3 complimenting fonts, the chaos of the design will confuse the feeling you are trying to invoke in the viewer.

Pair Fonts with Opposite Styles

Opposites attract – this is true for fonts, too! Mix your font counterparts for a complementary duo. Statement novelty headline fonts like this Sorinka playful print, pair best with thinner scripted fonts like this Apple Butter skinny font.

Highlight a Word with Your Font Choice

Pick a focus word/point. Choosing a piece of the phrase or a single word that you want the viewer’s eye drawn to – this will help you determine which font is best. Generally, thick script fonts or fun bold prints are best for focus words.

For more help with font design: download my free printable font guide and list!

If you want to see how I organize and use fonts with Creative Fabrica watch my video below

Now about that font list – everyone loves free so let’s start there!

Best Free Fonts for Craft SVG Files with Cricut, Silhouette, and Inkscape

Lobster Font

Discover the best free fonts for Cricut. The chunky Lobster font in white on a black square.


Lauren Script is an upright cursive font available for download. It is black script on a white background.


Get thousands of fonts for Cricut. Pacifico font is a chunky cursive. White text on a black background with gray stripes at the top and bottom.


The Remachine Script font looks like smooth embroidery. Red text on a blue background.


Milkshake is a cursive font reminiscent of the 1950s. Seen here in black text on a white background. One of many fonts that work with the Cricut machines.


Cricut free and paid fonts. Watermelon font is a whimsical, wavy cursive font. Black text on a white background.


The passengers font is designed to look like casual writing. "You're my everything" is scribbled in white text over a black and white photo of a woman on a salmon background.

Star Strella

A mom and child lay on the ground pointing at the night sky. The words 'Introducing Star Stellar modern calligraphy' is written in white and yellow text.

Prestige Signature Script

Introducing the Prestige Signature, a classy signature font is written across a black rectangle.

My Sunshine

Pink roses lay in the corner of a set table with an off-white tablecloth. An invitation lays in the center, with the scrawling salmon-colored script called "My Sunshine." Hearts sit on top the stretched curves of several letters.

The Best Paid Fonts for Designing in Cricut or Inkscape

12 small thumbnails in a grid pattern showing busy entry pages of various font sites. Download free and paid fonts for use with your Cricut machine.

We all love free fonts but there is something to be said about paying for quality typography too – especially since most free fonts are for personal use only and paid fonts allow you to create end product designs for profit. One of my favorite sites to find amazing paid fonts is Creative Fabrica.

Creative Fabrica has thousands of very affordable fonts, huge bundles like this Spectacular Bundle and Craft Font Bundle. And for all of us who are new to working with text and want to know how to find those “squiggles” (formally known as glyphs or specialty characters) Creative Fabrica has organized those decorative fonts to easily find.


Meet Simplicity font, only nine dollars. Yellow text of the English alphabet on a pink background with purple confetti .

Zooky Squash

A black and white hallway with red roller-skates is the background for white text that says 'Zooky Squash a hand-lettered typeface with extras!'

Cherry Cordial

A picture of a white table in front of white brick, with white roses, a transiter radio, and a bottle of red wine with red wine in a glass next to it. A white sign has a handwritten cursive font in red called "Cherry Cordial" listed as a "display script font with alternatives."


A self-healing mat with a pencil cup seen from overhead. A white piece of paper introduces the Tingler font, a duo font written in blue and black. There is a hand drawn picture of a cat on a green post-it.

Breaking Bread

Breaking bread is written in black on a white plate. Herbs lay tp the left and bread  lays to the right on a gray wooden table. It is described as a 'sweet script font with a savory flavor.'

Chunky Taffy

Chunky taffy written in yellow on a teal and brown wooden table with eggs in the corner.


A rectangle of four images of a grey and green rustic environment. The words 'cookies,' 'love rainy days,' 'for sale,' and 'lovely things' are written on each grid picture in white, black and gold.

Sweet Mia

The 'Sweet Mia' font is written on the top picture. Examples of the font are written beneath the first rectangle in three consecutive rectangles. The grid pictures are off-white and soft pink,, with black text.


A long rectangle of a table covered with sweet cakes and tea, with other photos of examples of the Sookie font. The fonts work great for menus and invitations made with the Cricut machine.

Chin Up Buttercup

A close-up of a bike wheel with a basket of flowers against a weathered wooden wall. "Chin up! Buttercup a font duo" are written across the picture, a casual font used with Cricut machines.

Monogram Font

A white table with yellow and white flowers, with a woman's hand drawing a yellow "W" on white paper. It is a hand lettered monogram font. Download thousands of free fonts to use with your Cricut machine.

Mermaid Tails

The font "Mermaid Tails" is written across a blue wave crashing on the beach. One of hundreds of fonts compatible with your Cricut cutting machine.

Sunny Beach

A beige closeup of the underside of a beach umbrella under a blue sky. White text "introducing Sunny Beach" is written across the picture with drawings of palm trees and sunglasses.

Puckery Tart

Yellows lemons march across a white background. Black lettering says "Puckery Tart an all-caps hand-written font with smallternates." This font is useful in projects created with your Cricut machine.

California Dreamer

Black text on a white, brown, and peach background. It says "California dreamer" a font used in Cricut projects.

Calligrapher Bundle

A collage of calligraphy font examples, with a black oval in the center. The center oval says "Year End Sale Font Calligrapher's Font Bundle" with further details. Calligraphy can be used on a number of Cricut design projects.


A seinna colored rectangle hosts golden scrolling script called "Sangria." Golden speckles bookend the font title.

Ever After

The black lettering script says "ever after, a modern calligraphy font" on a light pink background. This script would be great for ornaments, invitations and other crafts made with the Cricut machine.


A beautiful woman in a sun hat looks at the audience. Black text of the words "Sophistica, a stylish causal signature font" a written across the front. For use in your Cricut machine.


The "Mellony" font is written in green watercolor on a white background under watercolor green leaves. This brush script font works with a Cricut cutting machine.

Alberto Stencil


"Starlight" in black text is written across a white paper, surrounded by white and golden objects like a pinecone, paperclips and feathers.

Just Hello

A white rose, lipstick and blush lie the top of a white rectangle, while the words "Just Hello" is scrolled in red below. Hearts align the top of the script font, made with love. It's a perfect font for use with Design Space and your Cricut.


A washed out folk wreath with pink flowers acts as the background for the 'Sweet Baby Carolina' font in black. It's a multilingual typeface with swashes.


White chalky text on a black and green chalkboard introduces the font "Amastery" and proclaims it's a duo font with extras for use in your Cricut projects.

Forever Summer

Discover paid and free fonts for use with your Cricut, like the Forever Summer font.  A picture of a palm tree with a blue cloudy background showcases white text "Introducing Forever Summer, a font duo and party poppin extra."

Shop more of my favorite fonts on Creative Market here.

Find more script fonts on Font Bundles as well!

Whew! That was a pretty big list of the best free fonts for Cricut and the best-paid ones! I hope you found something you loved in this list to add new pizzazz to your craft projects!

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