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DIY Gifts for Mom: 15+ Easy Gifts Kids Can Make

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Are you looking for DIY gifts for mom that kids can make for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or other special occasions? If you’re a mother, you know there’s nothing more meaningful than receiving a handmade gift from your child. Whether it’s a smeared handprint with the words, ‘I love you’ scribbled nearby or a macaroni-covered piece of colored construction paper offered proudly up to you with the sweetest grin and words, ‘I made this for you, mommy,’ nothing beats a handmade present as the perfect gift!

Handmade is Heartmade

Today I decided to round up the best sites with easy DIY gifts for mom that will make her special day memorable. For sure, homemade gifts are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation. As the years go by, it will be no surprise these gifts are the ones she’ll treasure the most!

So…dads, listen up! Moms really aren’t that hard to please. If you give us a day off and a heartfelt gift, I promise we’ll be more than happy! These also make great gifts for grandma on Mother’s Day! After all, being a grandma means being a twice-baked mama! And, for the mother figure out there filling a mom’s or grandma’s shoes, don’t miss this opportunity for your child to send some homemade love her way too!

Here are the best ideas gathered together with the easiest DIY projects suitable for kids to make. They don’t take tons of time and are the perfect way to show our wonderful moms how much we appreciate them!

1. Rainbow Crystal Shells

Two seashells with blue and gray crystals holding earrings and a necklace

I love how creative this fun idea is from Hello Wonderful! Perhaps you’re a family that enjoys the beach. Dig out some of those seashells that mom and the kids picked up together and turn them into mini displays of colorful art as reminders of sweet memories. They also make great jewelry dishes, perhaps crafted using a combo of her favorite colors!

2. Egg Carton Canvas Bouquet

Egg carton flower canvas in a white table

How about this crafted bouquet of flowers as a great gift idea from Mod Podge Crafts? I love this fun project because it’s a great way to recycle! It’s also easy to adapt the colors and theme to any holiday season. And who could guess that this simple project was made from an egg carton?!


3. Tea Time Mason Jar

Mason jar filled with tea bags and honey, gold lid and label with text tea time mason jar

For a super easy project with lots of creative options, head over to The Gunny Sack for loads of mason jar ideas. Fill a jar with her favorite teas, honey, and accessories to show an extra personal touch – or with whatever is her chill-out fave of choice. It’s also a great way to add that special message of love to the printed label.

4. Sweet Mother’s day Book

Girl holding a Mother's Day book with text My Mom and Me

OK, of all the DIY gifts for mom, this is possibly my favorite – a handmade present that doesn’t get much sweeter and more personal! Agnes at Hello Wonderful offers her free printable with spaces for filling in questions about mom, drawing pictures on the frames, or adding some favorite family photos. A keepsake where your child can write down everything special and notable about mom is sure to bring some good laughs (and maybe a few bittersweet tears of days gone by) in the years to come.

5. Handpainted Paper Bag Vase

White paper bags with multi-colored paints on front filled with tulips

Since the best ideas for very young children need to be relatively easy, let little ones express their creativity with watercolors and a paper bag! They can decorate their paper bag “vase” in minutes, then place mom’s flowers inside. Go to Eighteen25 for all the details.

6. Ombre Wood Spoon Set

A set of wooden cooking utensils with its bases in different shades of blue

Have you noticed I’m all about simple ideas? This one, from Say Yes, is super simple! I would be so happy to receive something like this to dress up my kitchen utensils. Pick mom’s favorite color to match the kitchen and add a few coordinating tea towels to complete!

7. Mother’s Day Newspaper

Mother's Day newspaper page template

As a Mom, I love it when my kids say something sweet about me. Why not have them write out their thoughts in a “Mom Gazette”?! Cindy at Skip to My Lou has a free easy printable for that and even includes a darling fill-in-the-blank coloring page for younger children. I would love to receive one of these!

8. Handprint Key Chain

Don’t forget about the perfect homemade gift that mom can carry with her wherever she goes: a sweet handprint key chain. I may make these with my kids regardless. Such a cute keepsake!

9. Marbled Clay Handprint Jewelry Dish

Continuing with the handprint theme from above, Rhythms of Play has created these fun DIY marbled clay handprint dishes as a great way for mom to store her rings and earrings.

10. Lavender Foot Soak

Here’s one of the best gifts to pamper mom on her special day: a soothing, homemade foot soak infused with the aroma of refreshing essential oils. Sarah at Ruffles and Rainboots has created three simple foot soak recipes – lavender, peppermint, and lemon mint – that are easy enough for kids to put together. Why not create a custom DIY spa kit for mom, complete with her favorite foot lotion and accessories? Don’t forget the chocolate!

11. Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

White heart-shaped bath bombs with lavender

These adorable DIY bath bombs, with bits of fragrant lavender, are the perfect homemade gift for more mom-pampering. They would look great nestled in decorative paper in a gift basket, together with maybe a good book, special gift card, and favorite treat. Check out Maggy’s recipes for crafting bath bombs at Red Ted Art. (Tip: Recommended for older children and with supervision.)

12. Wooden Photo Cube

Fun Money Mom shows you how to make a DIY photo cube from a wooden block (an easy craft store find) that mom will love to display her favorite family photos. They’re super easy to make!

13. Custom Candle

Candle with decorated hearts and text I love you Mom

Customizing a candle for mom with a handmade love note, doodle, or picture is a great Mother’s Day gift she’ll be sure to cherish – and so easy to make. Add a cute candle holder to your creation and you’re set. Head over to A Girl and a Glue Gun for details!

14. Gorgeous Coffee Filter Flowers

Pink flowers made from coffee filters with green stems in a vase

Who knew you could create beautiful flowers from coffee filters!? Heidi from One Creative Mommy will show you how. This is a good option for smaller children and a fun way to show mom their watercolor skills.

15. One-of-a-Kind Travel Mugs

Colorful travel mug decorated with washi tape and text Smile

Adventures of Frugal Mom shows you how to create inexpensive custom travel mugs with just a few materials like washi tape, stickers, scissors, and travel mugs. Perfect for moms on the go!

Which of these DIY gifts for moms is your favorite?! What are some other gift ideas you’ve made for mom? Tell me in the comments!

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