Handmade Jewelry Ideas: Top 15 DIY Jewelry Projects

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Handmade Jewelry Ideas: Top 16 DIY Jewelry Projects

It’s springtime, and that means weddings, parties, BBQs, the beach . . . and time to clean out your closet. Don’t let all of that old, dusty winter clutter get you down, though.

Do you have forlorn, loose beads rolling around in a drawer somewhere? No worries, those can be re-purposed into fashionable hair pins. And don’t fret about your half-empty bottles of nail polish either, or any of your pretty earrings that may be missing their twins. All those items are eligible for a much-needed face lift that won’t cost you a lot of time or money.

Check out these 16 inspiring, do-it-yourself handmade jewelry projects, that are sure to make a statement. Re-purpose some of your old jewelry that’s been gathering dust over the winter and create some cool new gifts that your friends and family will be sure to love!

Easy DIY jewelry projects

Tassel Earrings

These easy going tassel earrings are perfect for spring and summer fashion trends. They are a breeze to make find out how here on Likely by Sea.


Boho Bead Bracelet

Crochet Boho Bead Bracelet - Bohemian Beaded Cuff - DIY Tutorial Free Pattern & YouTube Video by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia

Boho stretch bracelets are pretty and durable enough for days at the beach or for a fun afternoon puttering around in the garden. Check out our to DIY this colorful beauty here!

Terrarium Necklace


Always take a piece of nature with you with these beautiful and easy to make terrarium necklaces. This is a beautiful DIY and would make a lovely gift!

Bird’s Nest Necklace DIY

 Beautiful DIY Bird Nest Necklace in under 30 minutes

These cute little bird’s nest pendants can be finished in a half hour! This would be a beautiful Mother’s day gift that even a young child could help make!

Crystal Light Saber Hair Comb

DIY Lightsaber Crystal Hair Comb

Say what?! Yeah, these are totally as cool as they sound! Make a unique statement with this DIY crystal light saber hair comb.


Polymer Clay Ring

DIY Tutorials for Polymer Clay Rings


Polymer clay jewelry is so easy to make. You can create anything from a simple round shape, or square to a flower or something even fancier! See more polymer clay tutorials here!

Lace is feminine and chicThree-DIY-Lace-Earrings

Who knew it would be so easy to use lace to make into an earring?

 Beaded Hair Pins

Wire Wrapped Beaded Hair Pins DIYLoose beads are kind of pointless to have laying around. If you’ve got a few minutes, you can give them a new lease on life as pretty, unique hair pins.

Colorful Beaded Bracelets

We love these color block beaded bracelets. These are a fun way to add an ombre color affect to your wardrobe. Check out the full tutorial here!

Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Amethyst Wire Wrapped Bangle Set

If you are boho girl this one is for you. Pick out your favorite chunky gemstones or crystals to create a trendy wire wrapped stack-able bracelet. Find out how to make it here. 


Nail Polish Accessories

Got any old, half-used nail polish around? Preferably in pretty colors, of course. Put it to good use by painting some of your creative wire jewelry pieces.

 Anthropologie DIY Necklace

DIY Anthropology Pendant Necklace

Who doesn’t love a good Anthropologie jewelry hack?! As pretty as their jewelry is, it can put a hurting on your wallet. Find out how to make this replica at a fraction of the cost.

Washer Necklace

 Learn how to make washer necklaces using Mod Podge and Dimensional Magic. These are SO easy and great for kids and adults!

Washer necklaces are super easy and make very colorful statement pieces. A great simple project for kids too!

 Easy Diffuser Necklace


If you are an essential oil lover you may be looking for a way to enjoy them throughout the day. Why not wear them in your own DIY diffuser necklace?!

 How to make sprinkles bangles - Dream a Little Bigger

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add this fun piece of DIY jewelry to our roundup. Who wouldn’t want to wear colorful sprinkles on their wrist?! Find out how here!


So now that you have all this awesome handmade DIY jewelry where are you going to put it all? On a DIY chicken wire jewelry holder, of course. This is the perfect way to safety store and display your lovely new collection! 

It is not at all hard or time consuming to find a place for your old jewelry odds-and-ends. And even better, it’s inexpensive, too. Re-purposing and up-cycling are great ways to stretch your creative muscle, delight family and friends with unique, one-of-a-kind gifts, and lower the impact of your carbon footprint. Be sure to take advantage of all these awesome and beautiful, handmade DIY jewelry projects.

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  1. So cute! Never considered making my own jewelry, but you have inspired me to give it a try.

  2. This is such a beautiful roundup! My girls would love the crystal hair comb, and I love the jewelry organizer!

  3. Around our house, we love all things creative! And yet, we’ve never made our own jewelry. Maybe time to try it! I think I’ll start with the beaded hair pins. So pretty!

  4. Oh wow, I wish I had any talent whatsoever with things like this. These are all so pretty!

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