Under The Sea Mermaid Party: Printable Birthday Crafts

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Does your little girl or boy love the ocean and the magical mermaids within? If so, throw them an ‘Under The Sea’ mermaid party! By the end of this post, you have everything you need to create your own mermaid paradise in your home, at a pool party, or even for a beach party!

Every year for my daughter Ella’s birthday, I take the opportunity to come up with new and creative party ideas. This year my baby girl turned 3 and wanted a mermaid-themed birthday party. I loved the idea and really ran with it! In fact, I may have gone a bit overboard, but that’s okay because I was getting in touch with my inner mermaid. 

I created an entire ocean-themed mermaid paradise scene: party decorations, themed food, backdrops, cake toppers, decor, etc., all in a beautiful underwater color palette of blues and purples. I’ve included pictures, links, and some freebies just for you!

Waves of Inspiration and Resources

I am sharing all the resources I used to pull this together so you too can create a special ‘Under The Sea’ birthday party for your little guests and fellow mermaids. To make this ocean-themed mermaid birthday party craft list even more magical, I am including several freebies for you to enjoy, such as a free flower template, dress bodice, cake topper, seaweed cut files, and a few printables from Press Print Party. 

I’ve broken down the resource lists as follows: 

  1. Mermaid Party Printables
  2. Mermaid Party Backdrop 
  3. Mermaid Party Props
  4. Bonus Surprise! 

Let’s start creating the perfect mermaid party! 

Pro-Tip: Cricut’s ‘Print Then Cut’ feature may make this mermaid party a little easier. If you are interested in purchasing a Cricut cutting machine, check out my Buyer’s Guide.

Mermaid Party Printables: Party Hats, Cake Toppers & Table Decorations!

When I started thinking about what was needed for this theme and what colors I wanted to use, I knew the colors had to be rich and represent the ocean. I chose a color palette that captures the colors of the sea: blues, greens, and purples, with white and pink accents. Then I teamed up with another blogger and creator, Nathalie, from Press Print Party, who provided these marvelous mermaid party printables for the photo shoot.

My favorite part about the mermaid printables was that I could customize them. Print Press Party packages include mermaid birthday party decor and customizable sea theme/sea animal party supplies like:

  • Mermaid/sea birthday invitations
  • Party table decorations
  • Mermaid cupcake toppers
  • Mermaid/sea party food labels
  • Mermaid birthday theme banner

The packages come with other mermaid crafts, some of which are pictured below. They are amazing ideas for mermaid fun and an easy way to create an ‘Under The Sea’ birthday party!

Customized mermaid tail party hats from Print Press Party on Etsy sit on a party table.

I love these mermaid tail party hats! All party-goers will feel like a deep-sea princess with these adorable hats. I love the iridescent scale pattern!

Every mermaid party needs customizable mermaid candy wraps! These blue-hued mini chocolate bars sit in a sea shell with pearls.

We included a seashell jar full of mini chocolate bars wrapped in customizable candy wrappers and edible pearls. This little candy dish is a fun touch to the dessert table at this Under the Sea birthday party.

A party spread fit for a Mermaid princess! A platter of cupcakes with aqua blue icing and mermaid tail cupcake toppers, Mermaid party hats, and a gorgeous aqua blue birthday cake.

A sweet dessert table fit for only the best mermaid princess! Our ‘Under the Sea’ party dessert table included vanilla cupcakes with a yummy iridescent icing, topped with printable mermaid tail cake toppers.

No mermaid party is complete without customized “sea water” water bottle labels. Mermaid tail cupcakes and mini party boxes sit next to bottles of water.

I loved these “sea water” water bottle labels! With these customizable water bottle labels, you could write whatever you wanted on the label to create special water bottles for your party. The adorable sea shell design fits in perfectly with the theme of the party.

More ‘Under the Sea’ party printables including mermaid tail party hats, drink straws, and treat labels for all the party snacks.

Print Press Party also has food and drink label printables for all the food and snacks at our mermaid-themed birthday party. We added sea shells and starfish cutouts to the drink straws, as well. These simple touches really bring the mermaid theme together! Print Press Party has ALL the little details you could ever need to really make your Under the Sea Mermaid party special!

Picture-Perfect Mermaid Party Backdrop

To really define the party space and truly feel like you are at an ‘Under The Sea’ mermaid party, a backdrop is essential. While the backdrop is usually the most time-consuming part, it’s always worth it for any DIY party. There are many mermaid backdrop ideas, but this is the one I designed. 

Our Under the Sea Mermaid party backdrop has blue, purple, and green iridescent tones, large purple and blue paper flowers, and paper bubbles.

‘Under The Sea’ Backdrop Supplies

  • Wood backboard; or you can use a foam insulation board or attach it directly to the wall itself.
  • White fabric and glitter tulle. You can find these supplies at most craft or fabric stores. To create the backdrop, I cut long pieces of tulle in a color pattern sequence and strung them together with twine using a large sewing needle.
  • Flower templates. If you love the look of these mermaid flowers, you can get the templates here! I also am gifting you the Everly flower template for free! 
  • Bubbles & seaweed; I just enlarged the bubbles from the free cake topper template below.
  • Balloons in coordinating colors. I used Peonies & Polka Dots on Etsy. They have so many colors!     

Pro-Tip: I have many giant paper flower templates and small paper flower templates you can use on the backdrop. 

Mermaid Party Props

Finally, here is an ocean’s current of finishing touches that brought all of these great ideas together.

‘Under The Sea’ Mermaid Cake Topper

A mermaid cake topper is the key element on a dessert table and a proper part of mermaid party decor. I designed this ‘Under The Sea’ cake topper and am providing the template for free (for personal use only).  

Mermaid Dress Decoration

This sea-themed mermaid paper dress is an excellent birthday decoration to use as a table centerpiece or to accentuate the tabletop party favors. I am providing step-by-step instructions and a free dress bodice template. You can use this dress bodice with the Everly flower free template above or find the exact set of templates I used on my Etsy shop.

Table Skirt

One of my favorite party supplies of the entire ‘Under The Sea’ mermaid party is this fantastic table skirt that I bought from CV Linens. This is no plastic tablecloth – it was a curly table skirt made of taffeta and organza, and it looks like aqua seaweed floating in the ocean. It made the table the perfect way to display your ‘Under The Sea’ birthday cake. 

Honeycomb Balls

Decorations include a wavy table skirt, with a mermaid tail banner, cloth clam chairs and white, purple, pink and blue honeycomb balls.

I’m kind of obsessed with honeycomb balls. They naturally add a perfect whimsical look to anything. If you feel like your mermaid party decorations are missing something, bring in honeycomb balls and you’re all set!

Mermaid Paper Straws

Blue and purple paper straws with starfish and sea shell printables sit in a glass jar on a dessert table.

I used some of Press Print Party’s seashells and starfish printables to decorate the mermaid color-inspired paper straws. While it’s just a small detail, I think it adds so much to our mermaid decor.

Shell And Starfish Cushions

I fell in love with the online shop Floor Bloom, where I found these ‘Under The Sea’ mermaid party floor cushions. Little mermaids need something to rest on, after all!

Ella’s Mermaid Princess Dress

Your little mermaid will make a splash at any party under the sea in this mermaid dress. I found a mermaid dresses on Amazon. The one I chose was the perfect one for Ella. I mean, did I luck out with those colors or what?

Bonus Surprise! Party Favors for an Under the Sea Mermaid Party

No ‘Under The Sea’ mermaid party paradise would be complete without mermaid party favors! I made a short tutorial on a mermaid gift bag. This fun mermaid birthday party treat bag is a treasure chest for your party guests. It also includes a free seaweed printable and some starfish and shell printables from Press Print Party! That brings your freebie total to five! 

Don’t forget to tag #DIYwithAbbi for a chance to have your creations featured! It truly warms my heart to see others enjoying my designs. 🙂

This is by far my most exciting and favorite themed party yet. Which items are your favorites? How would you pull together a mermaid paradise party? Tell me in the comments!

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More Crafts To Love

A collage of images of Under the Sea Mermaid birthday party decorations! Printables for cake toppers, party hats, and more.

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