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Easy DIY Small Paper Flowers- Lotus Style

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Easy Paper flowers with templates and instructions
Designs are intended for personal use only please. 

Happy Monday!
I know, I know half you rolled your eyes, and I was one of them. 
I’m trying that whole be positive thing even when your day just stinks. But I get to type to you lovelies so that brightens my morning!
After receiving my new photography lighting set this weekend I figured I needed a new flower to try it out. Enter paper lotus!
Side note: if any of my readers are fellow bloggers or artists and struggle with good pictures like I did, I highly recommend a lighting set!
The templates come with 2 petal sizes to make the lotus and I thought designing a leaf pad would be fun too. 
You can check out the templates at my shop, Catching Colorflies.  Templates are compatible with Silhouette and Cricut or if you are brave go ahead and hand cut!  Otherwise keep reading for the video tutorial!
I went a little nuts with my photos. I love pink and sparkles!
For this flower I recommend using the following tools:


  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Templates from Catching Colorflies 
Want a list of great craft supplies? Check out my Cricut Craft Supplies post from last week on my top 10 favorite sites! Including which paper I use. 
best priced craft supply websites
Ready to go? Hit play to watch how the lotus flower is created! You can view all my videos on my Abbi Kirsten YouTube channel.

Download templates here
Hopefully your Monday is a little happier, mine is now!

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