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Paper Peony Flower Template: How to Make Small Paper Peonies

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A graphic with giant paper pink peonies and one deconstructed peony. The black text on a blue background says "How To Make A Full Blook Paper Peony SVG Cut Files and PDF Printables."

After the recent release of my new Camellia paper flower, peony flowers came to mind, since roses and peonies are my two most favorite flowers from nature.

My lovely crafters are always asking for new paper flower templates and are constantly telling me that roses, as well as peonies, are your favorites – and they are mine too!

In today’s, tutorial I am adding yet another peony to the flower collection.

This isn’t the first peony paper flower template I have designed but it is the first fully bloomed peony template I have created!

I’m continuing to share my love for my newly found metallic cardstock paper. I first used it with my Anabelle classic rose, then my magnolia leaf branches.

Three photos of pink paper peonies with yellow stamen in a bouquet. Full bloom peony templates and tutorial in SVG, PDF and PNG formats.

Metallic flowers are not the only new paper I have been playing within the blog. If you haven’t yet be sure to learn more about my Crepe Paper Flower Hibiscus templates or my Free Hawaiian Plumeria Flower Tutorial.

A photo of a bouquet of three pink paper peonies in a glass vase on a white table. A colorful illustration of flowers adorns the back wall. Learn how to make small paper peony flowers.

Here is my go-to supply list for making these pretty peony paper flowers.


An ad for Paper Blooms shaping mat and tool set, showing a woman's hand using a tool to shape a pink paper flower petal on a black mat, from Abbi Kirsten Collections.

There are tons of flower templates both large and small waiting in the shop but I also have a freebie vault! Want to see what’s inside the freebie vault? I’ve got free flower templates, SVGs, printables, and more!

A closeup of a two giant paper peony flowers with pink petals curled inward on a white background.

If you are ready to see how to build these flowers step by step be sure to download your peony paper flower templates.

You can easily choose from the printable PDF files for those who wish to hand-cut with scissors or you can upload the SVG cut file to your Cricut or Silhouette machine! (Curious about if a Cricut machine is right for you? View my Cricut Buying Guide!)

Ready to make these Full Bloom paper peonies? Hit play on the video below!

A series of small photos in ai grid showing step-by-step instructions on how to make giant paper peony flowers and stamens.

How to Make Small Paper Peony Flowers: Peony Video Tutorial

Paper Peony Flower Template_ How to Make Small Paper Peonies cover

How to Make Small Paper Peonies

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Use these step-by-step instructions to create small paper peonies that brighten up any room.



  1. Cut out your petals in advance with your Cricut cutting machine and my Peony Paper Flower template. The final petal count and measurements are:
    6-point petals: 4.1 H x 3.8 W inches
    9-point petals: 3.9 H wide x 3.8 W inches
    Leaves: up to your preference. I do about 2 inches high.
  2. Curl your petals using a wooden dowel or your Shaping Mat and Tool set.
  3. Create a small wire-sized hole in the center of each petal.


  1. Cut three 1-inch strips of yellow paper for the flower's stamen (or center). 
  2. Use pinking shears to create a trim down the long edge of each strip.
  3. Fold the strips in half, then in half again. 
  4. Using detail scissors, cut down the trimmed side about 3/4 inch long.
  5. Repeat for all three folded strips.
  6. Gently twist the stamens to create a messy fluff.
  7. Wrap strips around the stem and secure them with glue.
  8. Leave an inch of stem sticking out the top. 
  9. Bend and hide the top stem sticking up to reinforce the center. 
  10. Add the remaining two strips to the stem.

Full Bloom Flower

  1. Thread the 9-point petals through the wire hole in the center of the petal, up the stem, and glue them in place. 
  2. Be sure to alternate petals between each other for all petals.
  3. Thread 6-point petals onto the stem and glue them to the flower. 
  4. The peony is finished! You can add more petal layers if you like. 
  5. Optional: add leaves or finishing touches to the bottom of the flower.

Enjoy your beautiful full blooming small paper flower peonies!

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