Easy Nail Art Decals with your Cricut

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Use your vinyl and cutting machine to create easy fun nail designs. 

I’ve had a Cricut machine for over 5 years and honestly never even approached the vinyl world of possibilities. 

But now that I have I am excited to be finding all these amazing out of the box crafts and ideas to use with it!

I’m certainly not the first to think of this vinyl nail concept just take a look at a few inspiring designs I found on Pinterest! 

How to cut nail decals with your Cricut Explore | MeanRightHook.com:
Football Ties Vinyl Nail Decals Stickers by CutecraftycreationUT on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/203503750/football-ties-vinyl-nail-decals-stickers:
Even use the vinyl as a means to an end to create a painted on design! How cool is that?!
Find these awesome stencils for sale here if you don’t have a cutting machine!

 Alright so it’s fairly easy in theory but does require some practice and patience. If you are someone who is use to doing their nails a lot this will probably come pretty easily to you. 

You can of course use a Silhouette cameo instead of a Cricut. 

Supplies you will need include vinyl of choice, nail polish color, top coat or gel coat for longer lasting nails. 

 First you will want to decide what design you want. I am doing mermaid scales on mine. (I’ll be providing this goodie for download on this Friday’s freebie) 

1. Cut a piece of vinyl to size and place on your cutting mat. 

2. Cut and weed your design

See related article with more details 
3. Place the design on your nail and trim off excess. 

This can be a bit tricky so you can always use it as a stencil instead and paint a different color over the vinyl and peal off for a patterned look. 

4. Now paint with a top coat or gel top coat for longer lasting. 

That’s all folks! Super fun and easy 4 steps to stunning nails!

I only used a basic top coat for my nails. They lasted about 4 days before I noticed some wear. 
But they looked pretty good in general for almost a week! And it helps if you freshen the top coat before bed each night as well. 

What nail design do you love? 

I’ll be giving these mermaid scale cut files away this Friday, but if you leave me comment about a certain design you would love I might just make it for you!

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  1. Those are really kool! I would like to design very small nail decals like the ones I see in the store, instead of a stencil. I dont yet own a cricut or any other of these machines, but plan to buy one. Is it possible to make the very small decals for nails on these machines?

  2. Have you ever made wraps that you stick directly on your nail without polish first? I wonder if I should use permanent or removable

    1. Hi Candice! I have never tried that honestly. But you could experiment with permanent and for removal try heat (like a hairdryer) to get the decals off. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi,
    Which Cricut machine would you suggest? Someone said the Cricut Joy would be perfect. What do you think?

    Thank you,

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