DIY Paper Rose Tutorial: Mini Alora Paper Rose

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DIY paper rose tutorial. Easy paper roses.

DIY Paper Rose Tutorial

Alora rose has become my number one selling rose of all time. That’s a big deal considering how many of roses I sell. My mission with Alora was to first create a giant version, then a smaller one and finally a mini version that can be used in large arrangements and bouquets. Today I am teaching you another DIY Paper Rose Tutorial showcasing the famous Alora but in mini style – cute and sassy all the way! 😉

If you are not yet familiar with paper crafting or paper flowers then start with my supply list below before getting started.


If you are using a cutting machine here are the measurements:

  • Larger petal: 2.9 x 2.9 inches
  • Smaller petal: 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • 8 sided base: 3.3 x 3.3 inches
  • Leaf base: 3.2 x 3 inches
  • Rose leaf: Your preference
DIY Paper Rose Tutorial: How to Make Small Paper Roses

Step 1

Your first step in this DIY paper rose tutorial will be to get all your petals cut out. Here are the number of petals you will need to cut for one mini Alora rose.

  • Larger petal: 16
  • Smaller petal: 12
  • 1 – 8 sided petal perfect mini base
  • Greenery: optional – as little or much as you want.

Step 2

To make the rose center, glue 2 of the smaller petals across from each other overlapping. Bend the petals upwards and wrap them around each other as if they were hugging each other. Secure with dots of glue.

Step 3

We are going to repeat the same steps again. Glue 2 more petals together. Then glue the first center bud we just made on top.

Wrap the petals up again. Add dots of glue to the inside corners of the wrapped petals to secure.

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DIY Paper Rose Tutorial: How to Make Small Paper Roses

Step 4

Adding only 1 petal at a time now, continue the same pattern. Make sure you add the next petal to the side with the petal’s seam meet. Add 2 dots of glue again and secure around the bud. Repeat on the opposite side.

You’ll repeat this one more time gluing 2 more petals to the other 2 sides. You can see more details of this step in the video below. 

Step 5

The 4 remaining smaller petals will have their top edges curled backwards. Use the thin wood dowel to curl the edges backwards. Add glue to the bottoms of each of these 4 petals and place them 1 on each of the 4 sides of the rose bud.

Add glue to the inside bottom of the petal and press it upwards till dry.

Rose bud center is now complete. Set aside.

Mini Alora Rose - Small Paper Flower Rose Template
Alora Garden Giant Paper Rose Template & Tutorial
Small Alora Paper Rose Template
DIY Paper Rose Tutorial: How to Make Small Paper Roses

Step 6

Next, grab your 16 larger petals and 8 sided base to build the rest of the rose. Cut a small slit at the bottom of the
petal. Overlap slightly with glue. Curl the edges backwards with your dowel. Repeat with the other 15 petals.

Step 7 

Each side of the 8 sided base represents where a petal will be placed. Add glue to the bottom of the petal and place on one side of the octagon. Repeat with 7 more petals on each side.

DIY Paper Rose Tutorial: How to Make Small Paper Roses

Step 8

Continue with your second layer and  last 8 petals, placing each one in between, and slightly further in from the first 8 petals underneath. Add in the final petal tucking one side under the first petal.

Step 9 

Get a feel for how you want to place your center in, then glue it down.

Your Mini Alora rose is finished! If you wish to stem this rose you can view that in the min Alora video below! Let me also add that this DIY paper rose tutorial is a little more intermediate to advanced. If you are brand new to this be patience with yourself. Practice will make perfect in time.

How would you use mini Alora rose? Tell me in the comments!

DIY Paper Rose Tutorial: How to Make Small Paper Roses

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Small paper rose tutorial
DIY paper rose tutorial

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