Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

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How to Create the Perfect Eco-Friendly Children’s Party

Eco-Friendly Party Ideas


No matter how old your child is, their birthday is always a cause to be celebrated. From parties to presents, there are many different aspects that need to be organised in order to ensure your little one’s big day goes as smoothly as possible. However, this can lead to an influx of samey, run-of-the-mill children’s parties which lack that all-important touch of individuality.

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In amongst all the competition for the biggest and best party and the most expensive gifts, what happened to the real reason behind all the celebration? From eco-friendly supplies to a delicious homemade birthday cake and handmade decorations, it’s time to add that essential touch of individuality back into the occasion with an eco-friendly children’s birthday party.

If you’re in need of some inspiration or a helping hand, here are some top tips to make sure that your child’s next birthday party is as eco-friendly, fun and personal as possible!


For younger children, in particular, parties at home can be just as effective as parties at other (often expensive) venues. If you don’t have much space at home, why not choose a fun picnic with your child’s close friends at a local park? For winter birthdays, hiring a hall is a sensible indoor alternative.


Sit down with your child and help them come up with a list of all the people they want to invite. Whether it is just a few close friends or their entire class will depend on whether you need invitations or not and how many you will need to make. If you decide that invitations are worth the while, spend a crafty afternoon together to make them. That way, each guest will get a completely personalised invitation and you will have had an enjoyable afternoon of crafting!


How many times has food filled with artificial additives and preservatives sent your kids hyper? Plus that’s not even mentioning the sugar overload. Keep things healthy and control the little one’s sugar intake by opting to make or serve your own party food. Buffet style food is always popular, and the staples like finger sandwiches, sausage rolls and mini pizzas are super easy to make. For dessert, jelly is traditional, but you could always choose to mix things up by baking your own cupcakes instead, for example.


The birthday cake is undeniably one of the most important aspects of the entire party. Give shop-bought cakes a miss and instead add an extra special touch to the occasion this year by opting to make the cake yourself. That way, you have complete freedom to design and decorate the perfect cake for your child. From a simple chocolate cake to a themed cake, the birthday boy or girl is sure to appreciate your efforts and hard work.


Disposable party tableware and paper plates are the traditional children’s party staple, and there’s no reason not to continue this trend. Opt for renewable or biodegradable eco-friendly supplies like party plates to ensure everything remains as environmentally-friendly as possible.


Eco-friendly supplies for decorating the venue are a must. Biodegradable balloons and ribbon are a great place to start, instantly adding a splash of colour and fun to brighten up the atmosphere. Use recycled papers to DIY giant paper flowers for a simple, yet stunning backdrop. Try not to go overboard on decorations – not only can they be expensive, but the chances are that the kids will be too busy having fun to pay much attention to the decorations!


With all these ideas, you’ll probably find that you’re spoiled for choice. Say goodbye to the trend of processed party food, cheap plastic party bag fillers and masses of waste, and instead, say hello to the perfect eco-friendly children’s party!

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