How to Use Offset in Cricut Design Space to Create Layers and Shadows!

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Learn how to use the Offset feature in Cricut Design Space to create additional layers to your text, SVG files and images.

Cricut just released the new Offset feature in Design Space! Offset is a way of creating a shadow or layer to any shape or text. Using an Offset is a fabulous way to make text pop or add more layers for additional colors with vinyl projects, paper crafts and more!

In this Cricut tutorial, I will show you how to use the Offset feature in Cricut Design Space!

Offsets will work with:

  1. Text
  2. SVG images single or grouped
  3. PNG or Jpeg images

How to Use Offset in Cricut Design Space Video Tutorial!

Watch my full intro video below or scroll down to read the step-by-step picture tutorial with written instructions for using Offset in Cricut Design Space!

Add a shape or text to your canvas

Before you can use the offset feature, you need to add a shape or text to your canvas. I will show you both. Go ahead and type out your text or add an image to the canvas. This can be a Design Space image or a personal upload!

How to use offset in design space!

Next, select your text or image and click on the Offset icon at the top. A new dropdown will appear to edit the width and style of your offset. Negative numbers will create a negative offset, also known as an inset. Positive numbers will create an offset beyond your original shape.

Setting your offset in Cricut design space.

A preview of your offset or inset will appear on the canvas as a thin outline. Make any adjustments to perfect the size you would like for your offset. In most cases, you will probably stick with a range of -.1 to +.3.

Before applying your offset, select if you want a sharp square corner or a rounded corner. Tick your selection in the offset box.

Finally, you will notice a Weld Offsets option. In most cases, you will always want this one to keep your offsets connected smoothly. However, if you want individual offsets of each layer when working with text, then go ahead and untick this box.

Cricut design space tutorials.

Once you have finished setting your offset click Apply and a new layer, labeled, Offset, will appear in the Layer’s Panel to your right.

Offset layers in Design Space.

Apply Offsets to Shapes

You can also apply Offsets to shapes and ! Check out my layered star below.

Negative offsets or correctly known as insets can also be created by using negative numbers in the offset panel. When you set a negative number a smaller shape will appear on the inside of your original image.

The new offset in Cricut Design Space can be applied multiple times for many layers. Any layer you create can also be changed color-wise with the color-swatch icon.

Now when you go to your cut screen to make your project your layers will still separate as usual. And bam! Perfect offsets!

Best Ways to Use Offsets

Offsets have a lot of potential! Here are just a few ideas of how you can use an offset or inset in your designs.

  1. Print then cuts such as stickers or labels – before you flatten a design for print then cut try creating a large offset so that your sticker or label has a perfect silhouette cut around it! Wondering what a Print Then Cut is? Find out here!
  2. Use offset to create a layer behind text on cards or when layering vinyl/iron-on. Anytime text is a struggle to read an offset can fix that!
  3. Use offsets to create new layers with the Slice tool! Check out the image example below! I chose one single image, created an offset, then Sliced the original design from my offset layer. As a result, I have two beautiful layers that will work well for layering a paper card!
  4. Create offsets on imported PNG or Jpeg images for Print Then Cut projects.

How much do you love the new Offset feature in Cricut Design Space? How would you use it? What other questions do you have for me? Comment below!

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Learn how to use the Offset feature in Cricut Design Space to create additional layers to your text, SVG files and images.

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Learn how to use the Offset feature in Cricut Design Space to create additional layers to your text, SVG files and images.

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