3D Layered Paper Mandala Craft Tutorial – Sunflower Layered Mandala SVG File

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Layered Mandala SVG Tutorial. How to make a 3D layered paper mandala sunflower craft. Easy step by step mandala tutorial for Cricut.

3D Layered Mandala SVG Craft

Paper mandalas are a fun and trendy craft that is easy enough any beginner can make them! I think the reason they are so popular is that they look like a lot of hard work but your Cricut machine does all the heavy lifting! Today I am sharing my 3d layered mandala SVG files and a step-by-step video tutorial below!

sunflower mandala tutorial

In this tutorial I will teach you how to layer any mandala together, what supplies you need and how to get playful with using different papers and colors for your craft.

Today’s step-by-step video tutorial will teach you to layer a sunflower mandala together. What’s better is these fall files are free for a limited time here on the blog!

If you are a lover of sunflowers like myself, you definitely need to view my stemmed paper sunflower tutorial here!

paper pumpkin mandala svg

Supplies for Paper Layered Mandalas

paper mandala supplies

Accessing the Free Mandala Templates

Download these free templates by signing up via the form below. If you are already a member, then login right here and find it by searching design 106, 107, 108.

fall leaf 3D mandala svg

Mandala Quick Guide Instructions

For full details be sure to watch the video below! Here is a quick guide with written instructions.

Step 1: Cut out your mandalas on your cutting machine. I use a Cricut, but any machine that is SVG compatible will work! 

  • Make sure to use the corresponding setting for your material. For example, 65-pound cardstock is considered medium weight in Design Space. Likewise, if you are using glitter cardstock or light cardstock, be sure to change your pressure accordingly in the Custom settings of Cricut Design Space. 

Note on Machine Settings

Note: If your cardstock is tearing, try the Cardstock for Intricate Cuts setting. However, if your cardstock is not cutting all the way through, try selecting MORE pressure on the cut screen. 

Step 2: Your mandala pieces may or may not cut out in the order you arrange them. But don’t panic; there is an easy way to make sure you layer them correctly. Just make sure to set all the pieces aside and not lose any – I like to use a shallow container or box to collect my mandala layers. 

Step 3: After you cut all the mandala pieces, it’s time for assembly. To prep, start by laying all your parts in the correct order. If they did not cut out in the order they are meant to be layered; you can quickly check by returning to your Canvas and viewing your Layer’s Panel to the right. Starting at the bottom of the Layer’s Panel and working up will be the exact way you should assemble any mandala. 

paper mandalas cricut design space

Step 4:

  • Start with the two bottom-most layers.
  • Check your alignment of the two layers.
  • Flip over the piece that belongs on top and begins placing your foam tabs.

Usually, on the first two or three layers, the larger foam tabs work great. 

Step 5: Continue as in Step 4 with the next layers until you reach the top-most piece. As you work toward the top, you may need to shift to a smaller foam tab. 

Step 6: Once you have added all the layers except the most delicate top piece, shift to clear glue or scrapbooking runner tape. Flip over your final detailed full mandala layer, apply glue, and place on top of your mandala masterpiece! 

How to Make 3D Layered Paper Mandalas

Best Uses for 3D Paper Mandalas

At this point, you are finished! I’d like to add that mandalas have many creative and fun purposes by which to show off your creation, such as on cards, signs, in bouquets, tops of gifts, canvases, and more! I will be sharing my eight favorite methods for display mandalas in my next blog post, so be sure to check back!

As a sneak peek, check out my two-minute tutorial on turning a mandala into canvas art, just like my sunflower design below! The full step-by-step mandala tutorial is waiting for you here, or scroll down and click play!

sunflower mandala svg

3D Layered Mandala Video Tutorial

I love using layered mandala SVG designs to create a detailed piece of art with my cutting machine.

3d sunflower mandala svg

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How to Make 3D Layered Paper Mandalas

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Layered Mandala SVG Tutorial. How to make a 3D layered paper mandala sunflower craft. Easy step by step mandala tutorial for Cricut.

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