Paper Dress Template: Paper Dress DIY Tutorial

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Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial. DIY Mermaid Paper Dress. Mermaid under the sea party decor ideas.

Paper Dress Template: Paper Dress DIY Tutorial

I decided to come up with a new fun paper design this week! Paper dresses! These Paper Dress Templates are a lot of fun to put together. They can be made in so many different ways and customized to fit any theme you can possibly imagine! So far I’ve already made a fairy dress, wedding gown, this mermaid gown and I am currently working on a unicorn-inspired paper gown.

Unicorn paper flower dress party decor.

Some folks ask, what do you use these for? Well, they make great dessert table-themed decor, nursery decor, or even a table centerpiece for a girl’s party!

They are really very simple to make. I spent the last couple of weeks coming up with eight, yes, eight different bodice designs. Four of the bodices come with straps (one is a halter!) and four that are strapless.

Paper dress bodice templates. By AbbiKirstenCollections.com

I have a two-part video tutorial on how to make these beautiful paper dresses. I’m going to walk you through a picture tutorial for the mermaid dress and you can find the videos for more details at the bottom.

Let’s go over supplies first. You will need to decide how many tiers you want your paper dress to be. In this tutorial, I am making a 3 tiered gown. You can make a two-tiered gown or even one if you like.

Supplies for Making The Paper Dress Craft

Download Your Free Dress Bodice Template

Find one sample free dress template in the Party section of my Freebie Vault or purchase the whole set here. Download the free dress template by signing up via the form below. If you are already a member, log in right here and find it by searching ‘dress’ or Design #15. Need help entering the vaultRead this helpful post here. 

How to Make the Paper Dress Bodice

Cut out 2 dress bodice patterns. If you are cutting your templates by hand you can use 8.5 x 11 cardstock or you can use our enlarged ledger PDF included to print at a local printer so that you can use the template with 12 x 12 cardstock, which is the size I use when I lay them out on my machine.

(Please note cutting machine users: Cutting machines sometimes like to enlarge the templates bigger than what I save them as. The goal is for the dress bodice to be within a 12 x 12 margin)

Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial

Glue your 2 dress bodices together, one side over the other and then the opposite side as shown above. Tip: try to make your seams go the same direction for a cleaner look.

Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial

The Paper Dress Skirt

For the dress’ skirt you will be using giant flower templates. In this tutorial, I am using Lacey style’s extra-large petals for the first tier, Bella style’s large petals for the second tier, and Whimsy style’s medium and small petals for the third tier.

We are going to make the skirt the same way we build my giant flower designs. I’m using 8 XL Lacey petals, 7 large Bella petals, and 7 medium Whimsy petals.

Cut a slit at the bottom of each flower petal and overlap slightly. Curl the edges back. Glue your petals together in a circle.

Full video tutorial on the dresses at the bottom of this post for more details.

Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial

Follow the same process as above with Bella’s large petals and Whimsy’s medium petals.

Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial

Once you have your 3 tiers complete (or however many you choose to use) you will want to stack your top 2 tiers together.

The petals will naturally meet together when stacked. Add dots of glue to the underside to secure the tiers together.


Next cut a small square or use a small circle punch to glue over the open hole.

This part can be optional; I like to add some small petals around the top for a more complete look. Here I added 7 small Whimsy petals.

Your dress template will have small circle tabs at the bottom which you will fold inwards; add glue to these and attach them to the top of the dress’ skirt.

Stack the whole thing on top of the XL Lacey petals (shown in the very last photos below).



The final step is to decorate! There is a lot of creative freedom with these dresses so there really is no right or wrong way to do it.

For this mermaid paper gown, I use small circles arranged to look like mermaid scales, small mum flowers, my seaweed templates, shell template, ribbon, green and purple rhinestones.


Out of the ones I have made so far this mermaid one is my favorite! You can see in these photos the Lacey tier has been stacked with the others. Check out the video tutorials below where I make a wedding-style paper dress plus photos of our very popular fairy paper dress!

Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial

Check out our free Under the Sea cake topper tutorial for a complete mermaid party paradise!

This fairy gown was made using my Lacey style template for the extra-large bottom tier and Whimsy for the second tier plus a few additional small Whimsy petals for the top of the skirt.

Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial

Paper Dresses Part 1

Paper Dresses Part 2

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Paper dress templates. Paper dress DIY tutorial.
Paper Dress Template: How to Make a Paper Dress - DIY Tutorial

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