Red, White and Blue Dahlia Paper Wreath

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Red, White and Blue Dahlia Paper Wreath: July 4th DIY Decor

Making a wreath is a wonderful way to decorate for any holiday or season. As you know I love to create things from paper and decided to rework and reshare one of my most popular posts ever with this floral Dahlia Paper Wreath for July 4th!

Ultimately you can create this as a set of flowers or a single piece of decor for any occasion or holiday to adorn a door or mantel in your home- so don’t be afraid to get creative! In this tutorial I will show you how to build the dahlia paper wreath and I also included free PDF printables and SVG cut files below!


July 4th DIY Decor: Red, White and Blue Dahlia Paper Wreath

The dahlia paper wreath is made from 2 basic geometric shapesa large 8 inch circle for the base and several 4.5 inch squares rolled into a cone shape.

Step 1

Start with cutting out 40 of the 4.5 inch squares. It’s important to note that the final count of squares used may vary a little for everyone, but this is a good place to start. I’m using red, white and blue here because this is for July 4th but you can create any color combo you like!

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Step 2

Shape each square into a cone. Gently fold one end inwards and glue the other over to secure. Repeat with all your cones.


Step 3

Start gluing the cones to the outer edge of the circle cut out, going all the way around. Make sure to leave about a 1/2 inch or so of space between each cone.


Step 4

Next, continue adding cones. Place the cones in the spaces we left between the first layer of cones we glued down.


Step 5

Continue the pattern and keep filling in more of the dahlia cone petals. Your cones may start to stand up more as you work towards the center. That’s a good thing!


Step 6

Once you get down to the last half dozen or so of the cones, they will naturally bend at the tip when you glue them down. This is what you want so that the final look is a tight dahlia paper wreath center. You may need to grab a thin wood dowel or pencil to press the tip down and ensure it makes good contact in the center with the glue.

Red, White and Blue Dahlia Paper Wreath: July 4th DIY Decor. DIY paper flowers

I decided to finish offer my Dahlia by adding some star cut outs hanging from baker’s twine. I cut 2 stars in each size and glued them back to back with the twine in between then glued them to the underside of the dahlia paper wreath. Plus click here learn the 8 Ways to Hang a Paper Flower.


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Red, White and Blue Dahlia Paper Wreath: July 4th DIY Decor

Dahlia Paper Wreath Template

Grab your free dahlia paper wreath template in my resource library for when you join my creative community!

.How would you decorate using this dahlia paper wreath for your home or gathering for this July 4th celebrations?! Tell me in the comments.

Red, White and Blue Dahlia Paper Wreath: July 4th DIY Decor

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How to make a Dahlia paper wreath

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  1. Wow! How creative that you made this from such simple shapes! THank you for the free template! I’m a big fan!! 🙂

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