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The Art of Entertaining

An outdoor soiree spread with a pop of soothing color that relaxes your mind. Cooling down your company with a refreshing lavender lemonade. Capturing the vibrancy of pink flowers inside crisp ice cubes. These are just a few of the party decor ideas that can make any event, big or small, uniquely beautiful. At  JMS Entertaining Joanna will teach you exactly how to create that special feeling in your home!

The craft of entertaining may seem like a lost art to some in this modern world. After all, this modern society is always pulling our attention down to our phones rather then interacting, enjoying and socializing with those near us. The truth is there is so much beauty in entertaining and designing a glorious space to share with friends and family.

Meet Joanna – Designer and Owner of JMS Entertaining

Meet Joanna, a 10 year veteran in the event design world. Joanna absolutely loves what she does, but sometimes felt she didn’t have enough opportunity to express her creativity. Then JMS Entertaining was born. “My passion for creating mixed with my love for hosting friends and family brought me to establish JMS Entertaining. It allows me the opportunity to experiment with different entertaining ideas and share them with everyone.” says Joanna. 

A Creative Calling

What Joanna loves most about her creative calling is the freedom to experiment, the flexibility to try new things and enjoying the wonderful community of like-minded designers she meets along the way.

“I absolutely love the creative process behind designing entertaining ideas. From the organized brainstorming sessions to bouncing between aisles in stores looking for the perfect napkins to experimenting in the kitchen with recipes – there is always something new and fun involved.

Joanna remembers her younger years at home – always creating or experimenting with something new. “I’m not sure how my mom dealt with all my crafts and glitter! As life goes by you can sometimes get caught up in the busyness of it all and forget how much joy you get from exploring and being creative.”

Furthermore, Joanna is continually encouraged by the online support.  “JMS Entertaining gives me the flexibility to try new ideas and share them with other people. The online entertaining community is so amazing and talented – I am constantly inspired daily from everyone! I love speaking with people around the world and connecting about our shared passion.”

Party Decor Ideas by JMS Entertaining

A Passion for Beautiful Design and Entertaining

Joanna goes on to share about how her life journey lead her to JMS Entertaining.

“My career has always been service and hospitality focused, therefore I have always strived to provide clients the best experience possible, which also translates into the entertaining world. I am a very organized person and truly enjoy the planning process when it comes to organizing an event or large gathering. As much as my many years in the industry has taught me, I am always looking to teach myself new skills or get better at something I am doing in my life. Whether it is watching tutorial videos or signing up for a class – I am always interesting in learning something new! I want to bring my best ideas forward on JMS Entertaining and that means always keeping up with the newest trends and technology changes.

On a personal level I love travelling (and food!) and look forward to my adventures with my husband Patryk. We both have a passion for exploring the world and try to visit new places when we can. I always come back feeling energized and inspired by everything I have seen which helps keep your creative juices flowing!”

Gathering Inspiration

“I am constantly inspired by things I see in my daily life! Sometimes an idea comes to me after seeing new products in stores or after exploring a new part of town. I am also so inspired by everyone in the creative industry but it is hard to not get overwhelmed by everyone else’s creations and feel like you have nothing new to offer. My best ideas come when I step away from the chaos and let my brain just focus on being creative. Seasons and Holidays are also a major inspiration for me because I really enjoy them and love how magical they can be.”

The Day to Day

Joanna has a full time job in addition to following her passions with JMS Entertaining. “My days do tend to be a little different each day. I try to balance my time during evening and weekends while still trying to enjoy life a bit! One thing that keeps me sane is organizing out my month and pre-planning as much as possible. This keeps me on track each week and I know what goals I need to accomplish that week.”

Her process of creating each post involves various steps: Brainstorming her idea, shopping for all the key products to accomplish the look, plus working on any handmade items she chooses to incorporate before diving into her day of photo shooting and editing.

Joanna states, “As I do have limited hours available I try to stay as organized as possible to ensure I know when things need to be completed. I take the beginning of each month to start brainstorming about the following month to ensure any large projects are properly divided up and tackled early.”

The Future of JMS Entertaining

Joanna has big hopes and dreams for her business that streamlines her passion into wanting to help others.

“It would be amazing to see JMS Entertaining grow as a company in the party and events world. I am currently working on/dreaming about an Etsy Shop and hope to have something open in the Fall/Winter. I have so many fun ideas that people can incorporate into their daily lives. My overall mission with JMS is to get people excited about entertaining with friends and to inspire you to try new things! I understand that entertaining can be overwhelming and I want to help with the process. I would also love to partner up with brands that I am passionate about in order to collaborate on some of my creative ideas.”

Joanna’s Motivation and Advice to You

Joanna will tell you that there is always something new to learn but to never be intimidated – rather be determined to practice and keep yourself open to new opportunities so you can rock your full potential.

“I absolutely stand by the quote “You learn something new every day” and I love it! As a person you are always growing and learning new things. If you do not embrace this mentality then you will close yourself off to new opportunities and experiences that may appear.”

“Do not be afraid to try new things, experiment, make some mistakes and ultimately have fun with it! The creative process is meant to be messy. If your recipe or idea does not work well the first time, then keep trying until it becomes what you want it to be. If you are a creative person then you need to encourage that part of yourself otherwise you will never feel fully happy.”

Learn more about Joanna and JMS Entertaining here.

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