World of Rainbows – Free Rainbow SVG Cut Files

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Free rainbow SVG cut files for crafting with your Cricut machine. World of rainbow project. Decorate your windows with rainbows.

Right now millions are coming together across our planet to fight against Covid-19. During this time communities have started to create symbols of hope by displaying rainbows and inspiring messages in their front windows – this idea has become known as the World of Rainbows movement.

There are hundreds of beautiful images and ideas out there to craft together a glass pane masterpiece. I decided to join this movement by bringing you four FREE rainbow SVG designs that will look stunning no matter where or how you display them.

You will need to own a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine to complete this project. Additionally, you will need to choose from window cling, removable vinyl or cardstock materials to complete the craft.

Some of you may be new to Cricut and feel intimated inside of Design Space. I don’t want that to stop you from doing this colorful project so be sure to grab my new ebook, Cricut Confidence – how to conquer Design Space once and for all!

Free rainbow SVG cut files for crafting with your Cricut machine. World of rainbow project. Decorate your windows with rainbows.

If you are looking to add these colorful images to your windows there are a few tips and supplies to use.

  • Window cling or removable vinyl – Cricut makes window cling that works great for projects like this. One downside to the window cling is the limited colors – when I run into this issue I spring for removable vinyl which works excellent.
  • If you decide to add words remember to mirror your design so it reads the right way in your window.
  • Cardstock paper is another alternative material for this project. To display it in your window use clear tape from the inside.
  • If you decide to display your creation from the outside rather than inside make sure to use permanent vinyl to withstand the elements.

How to Cut Out the Rainbow SVG Design

You may be wondering if there are any special tricks to cutting out your rainbows.

Firstly, you will want to cut everything out by color. For things like the butterflies, and stars this can be easily accomplished on a 12 x 24 Cricut mat.

But what about the flower mandala and the heart rainbow, which are wider in design?

In the case of the flower and heart rainbow, you can use what is called the Slice Method for larger than mat projects. To see how this is set up in Design Space join my Facebook group here and watch an example.

Ways to Display Your World of Rainbows SVG Files

  1. In the front window of your home so folks can see it from the street while out walking or driving by.
  2. On your garage door. I’ve seen a few people display their rainbow creations on their garages – this definitely requires vinyl so it can withstand the moisture.
  3. On your car window or back window. I haven’t seen any cars around my area do this yet, but this is a great alternative option for displaying it on your home! Placing your rainbow design on your car spreads the message when you are out grabbing those essentials. Plus it can still be seen from your driveway when you are home.
  4. Your front door. If you are someone who has a solid front door you could display your rainbows right at the entrance.
Free rainbow SVG cut files for crafting with your Cricut machine. World of rainbow project. Decorate your windows with rainbows.

Download Your Free Rainbow SVG Cut Files

You can download all four of my free rainbow-inspired SVG cut files inside my Freebie Vault.

Download these free rainbow templates by signing up via the form below. If you are already a member, log in right here and find it by searching rainbow. Need help entering the vault? Read this helpful post here. 

Crafting during quarantine can be a sanity saver, so if you are looking to add more color to your world be sure to download my ebook, The Joy of Paper Flowers!

Free rainbow SVG cut files for crafting with your Cricut machine. World of rainbow project. Decorate your windows with rainbows.

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  1. World of Rainbows – I have a circuit explore air. New at this and I tried to work with the world of Rainbows – the butterflies. I was able to download the svg file to my circuit When I tried to “make it” it said “Project Incompatible – this project is not supported by your current machine selection. To resolve, select ok and adjust affected layers. I did have circuit explore machine checked. I don know what adjust affected layers means.

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