Giant Noel Paper Poinsetta Tutorial

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DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Anybody else started their Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving is even here?

Just me? That’s okay. My excuse is, as a blogger, I have to be proactive in sharing with you all! Last year I made more than 12 new Christmas crafts on the blog – most of them with totally FREE templates!

That holiday cheer is so contagious & if you are ready to fill your home with it, then I’ve got the perfect paper craft to spice up your decor. This easy DIY Noel Paper Poinsettia Tutorial is and easy to tackle craft perfect your home or Christmas party! I’m always looking for new ways to decorate for Christmas – a couple years ago, I did a giant Christmas flower display with a 3D paper reindeer and loved it! 

If you are more in the mood for smaller poinsettias, be sure to view that tutorial here!

DIY Noel Paper Poinsetta Tutorial


DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Cut the following number of petals

You will have 4 different shaped petals to cut out. To get started on your paper poinsettia tutorial cut the following number of petal pieces out. You will also need one 7 sided base piece for your center to mount all of your petals on.

  • 7 XL Petals (First layer)
  • 7 Large Petals (Second layer)
  • 7 Medium Petals (Third layer)
  • 7 Small Petals (Fourth layer)
  • 1 7-sided base

Step 1

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

After you have cut all your petals out, start by folding the petals in half lengthwise. Cut about a 2 inch slit down the middle and overlap slightly with glue.

Repeat with all of your petals.

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Step 2

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Using your 7 sided base, glue an XL petal on each side of the heptagon. This helps your flowers come together more evenly.

Step 3

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Keep going until you have completed your first layer of extra large petals.

Step 4

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Once you have completed your first layer, move to adding your 7 large petals into a second layer above. Be sure to add the large petals in between the bottom XL petals so that they are alternating as you build.

Step 5

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

With your 3rd layer of petals, continue that same pattern of placing the petals between the ones below so that they are alternating.

Step 6

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Download your free 12-days of Christmas printables in our holiday section of my craft resource library!

Finally, add in the 4th layer of small petals. You should still be alternating the petals between each other as you build to create a natural look.

Step 7

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

To complete our flower, we’ll work on the center. I used a 3 inch halved foam ball spray painted with gold paint and sprinkled with gold glitter. You can also search for pre-made items like gold pom poms at your local craft store. Or even use some small glitter ornaments in the center like the finished example below!

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

Feel free to add some leaves by cutting some of the XL petal out in green.

Now that you’ve added your final touches, your DIY Noel Paper Poinsettia is complete and you are ready to deck the halls with your beautiful festive flowers!


Prefer video? Watch below!

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

If you prefer to following along with the video for this DIY Noel paper poinsettia flower, check out the video tutorial below!

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Want more holiday crafts? Sign up for my free craft resource library here and download my paper ornaments, Christmas printables and more for free!

DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

It was such a great time creating this festive paper poinsettia flower design for you to jazz up any holiday space! How do you like it? How would you use this paper poinsettia in your home?

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paper poinsettia flowers

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DIY Paper Noel Poinsetta Tutorial

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