Giant Paper Flower Tutorial: Charlotte Style Flower Template

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Yellow Charlotte style paper flower template


Why yes! I am throwing another Giant Paper Flower Tutorial your way! Why? Because they are awesome! Since there are an infinite amount of shapes there really is countless ways to create new stylish paper flowers.

You know I live and breathe paper flowers. I was actually wondering the other day how many large paper flowers I have designed since I started 8 years ago. I kinda shocked myself when I counted 63!

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Charlotte Style Paper Flower Template

The Charlotte design is a favorite because it is so big, and because of the scalloped petal edges it creates a full yet soft ruffle affect. This style is great if you are decorating your baby girl’s nursery or putting together a baby shower.

The center of this flower can be made 1 of 3 ways. First, using the pompom center, which is easy and no template is required to make it. Second, fill the whole center in with small petals curled different directions as I teach in the video below. Or lastly, using a rosette center, which is always fun.

Let’s go over the supplies you will need for this Giant Paper Flower Tutorial.


– 65 pound cardstock in choice color (Paper and More)

– Scissors

Cutting Machine (optional: click here to see the one I recommend)

Glue gun (Find it here)

Wood dowel for rolling

– Templates (find them here)

Step 1

Cut out all your petals. This tutorial is for a large Charlotte flower, which measures about 13-14 inches once made.

1st layer- 7 petals

2nd layer – 6 petals

3rd layer – 6 petals

4th layer – 6 petals

Note: If you are making an extra large flower start with 7-8 extra petals.

Step 2

Cut about 1 1/2 inch slits at the bottom and slightly overlap.

Step 3

Curl your largest petals backwards. For your remaining petal sizes curl one side inwards and one backwards.

Step 4

At a 45 degree angle bring 2 petals together and overlap slightly with glue.

Keep going until the petals meet together naturally.

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Step 5

Use a circle punch or cut a small square of paper to glue over the open back.

Step 6

Begin gluing in your 2nd layer of petals. Make sure you glue them in off set, so they are placed in between the 1st layer of petals and not directly stacked.
Repeat this with layer 3-4.
Find the full video tutorial below.

Rosette Center

How to make paper rosettes
Rosettes are pretty easy to make and almost impossible to get wrong.
Just cut out your rosette template and beginning at the outer edge, roll inwards tightly. Before gluing down to the base you will want to let the bud loosen just a little. You can follow this video here for more details.
Remember, you can also finish your flower by filling in the center with more small petals or using the famous pompom center.
Charlotte design is a really fun and easy giant paper flower tutorial. Tell us how you would use this flower in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for you template as well as your diy. It was really helpful and beautiful at the same time. I am looking forward for more. Do you have a 2ft petal template?

  2. Hi Jacqueline,
    Thank you for your compliments. 🙂
    Currently this is the largest template since it fills up an 8.5×11 sheet. Usually 8.5×11 is whats best to use for building flowers especially since most print on home printers.
    I personal don't know of any paper card stock larger than 12×12 that would hold a 2ft template. If you have any ideas I'd love to know!:) And I will see what I can think up myself.

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