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30 Best Christmas Fonts for Cricut Design Space

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30 Best Christmas and Holiday Fonts for Crafts: Download these free and premium Christmas fonts perfect for all your festive holiday crafts and decor.

Crafting is at an all-time high during the Christmas season. Often many of us with Cricut machines make things like ornaments, custom decorations, like these Christmas recipe signs, and endless other creations! Almost all these crafts have one thing in common, text! Of course, this means you need to find some amazing holiday fonts!

Today I am rounding up the 30 best Christmas fonts to use for your festive creations! These fonts will work wonderfully with your Cricut machine or any cutting machine!

Below you will find both premium and free fonts that can really jazz up your crafts in a Christmas-magic kind of way. Let’s start with the premium fonts. My two favorite places to find paid fonts are Creative Market and Font Bundles.

Christmas Vibes Font

Christmas Vibes | A Whimsical Christmas Font example image 1

Merry Lights

Snow Christmas

Nordic Christmas

Christmas Lights

Snow Family Font

Ho Ho Holiday Font

Candy Cane Comic

My Dear Santa

Merry Christmas

Boulevard Font

Lala Land

Joyfully Font


Winter Holidays

Ginger Font

Christmas Sweater Font

Christmas Workshop

Split Monogram Christmas Font

Now that we have covered my favorite premium fonts, let’s explore some free options!

Free Christmas Fonts

Snowballs Christmas Font

The Perfect Christmas

I Love Christmas Font

Merry Christmas Font

Merry Christmas Color Font design graphic

Candy Cane Font

Preview image for Candy Cane (Unregistered)


Frozito Font handwriting turquoise

Nightmare Before Christmas Font

Preview image for Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas Wish Calligraphy

Christmas Wish Calligraphy Call Font text design

Grinched Font

Grinched 2.0 Font poster stop

Snowflake Font

Preview image for Snowflake Letters

Clean Christmas Font

Preview image for Christmas

Father Frost

DK Father Frost Font cartoon illustration

Beauty Mountains

Beauty Mountains Personal Use Font design text

Santa Claus Font

Fonts are one of the easiest ways to add the perfect custom personality to any of your winter crafts. Which ones are you favorite above?! I’d love to see how you use them in my Facebook group here!

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30 Best Christmas and Holiday Fonts for Crafts: Download these free and premium Christmas fonts perfect for all your festive holiday crafts and decor.

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  1. Lynn Heise says:

    I love the Nutcracker pattern bow shown with the Christmas Bows made with faux leather. Can you please tell me which templates you used in the download and how you assembled them! Thank you!