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How to Hang Paper Flowers: 8 Easy Ways to Hang Paper Flowers

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How to Hang Paper Flowers

How to Hang Paper Flowers

The first and most popular question I get when teaching the art of paper flowers to others is, what kind of paper should I use?

The second is, how do I Hang Paper Flowers? So in today’s post I decided to give you the eight, yes, eight ways you can hang paper flowers! You will notice some of these have overlapping techniques but I include all the variations because it may be helpful to someone who perhaps only have access to certain supplies or maybe are hanging the flowers in a unique way that offers them the specific technique they need to be successful.

I will be listing the supplies I buy throughout each point so you know exactly what I have used and found that works! So let’s get start because after all what good is a large beautiful paper flower if you can’t show it off!

1. Wire Loop

How to hang paper flower with a wire loop

The first method I rely on is super easy peezy. You will need 18 gauge wire, wire clippersGlue Gun and a circle or square piece of cardstock.

Step 1

Cut your 18 gauge wire to about 9 inches.

Step 2

Fold the wire in half leaving a loop at the top.

Step 3 

Twist the wire together all the way down to the tip.

Step 4 

Add a generous amount of glue to the twisted stem of the wire and press in onto the back of your flower. Be sure to leave the loop slightly above where the flower’s backside curves towards the petals so you can easily hang.

How to hang paper flowers

Step 5

Reinforce the wire loop by gluing a circle or square piece of cardstock over the top. And your ready to hang! This is best to hang with either a nail or command hook on a wall.


2. Flat Back Pins (use with fabric!)

A lot of people love how paper flowers look hanging on fabric. This is a especially popular choice if you are making a backdrop for a party, wedding or photo booth. The big question is how to get those flowers to stay on the fabric! And there is an answer – you pin them!

How to hang your paper flowers

You will need large flat back pins, a glue gun and a small strip of cardstock.

Step 1

Decide how to arrange your pin(s). If you have a rather large and heavy flower you probably will want to add 2 pins offset slightly to either side.

How to hang paper flowers on fabric

Step 2

Add a generous amount of glue to the flat backside of the pin and press firmly to the flower until dry.

Step 3

To reinforce the pin glue a strip of cardstock over the pins flat side. Pin to your fabric!

Note: When working with fabric it is best to have some sort of support under the fabric for best results, like a large foam board or PVC frame. This helps support the flowers to keep them from drooping forward. 


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3. Mounting Tape

Mounting tape is by far the easiest and quickest go to option to hang paper flowers. I probably use this more then anything else. I’ve found that the Scotch brand mounting tape is the best. I usually use 1-2 inch strips and place one on either side, if it is a larger flower, or just one strip on smaller flowers – then press your flower firmly to the wall.

4. Hot Glue

How to hang paper flowers on fabric

If you haven’t figured it out by you’ll soon find out that there is pretty much nothing a glue gun can’t do! If you are looking for a way to hang paper flowers on fabric or onto a board (like a foam insulation board) gluing directly on is a a great option. While I don’t use this option to hang paper flowers very often it is worth mentioning here because it can be a very efficient way to hang your flowers. Find the glue gun I use here!

5. Command Strips

Command strips can be used in place of mounting tape. If you are attempting to minimize any wall damage they are a good alternative to the mounting tape. In my experience with command strips you will probably need to use more then one strip to keep the flower hanging securely. Command strips are easily found at a hardware store, Walmart, or Target. You can also pick them up here.

6. Thumb Tacks

The thumb tack option goes hand in hand with the wire loop. If you prefer not to use a nail in your wall you can just push a large thumb tack in the wall and then hang your flower from its wire hook from option one above.

Another way to use the thumb tacks is slip your hand between the 2 bottom layers of petals and push a tack through the bottom most petal close to the center of the flower (that way its hidden and offers decent support) so it is pinned to the wall.

I’ve used the thumb tack option hand in hand with the mounting tape. I will sometimes add my mounting tape but a super big heavy flower is drooping a bit so I place a thumb hidden at the bottom petals to keep it pinned tightly to the wall.


7. Magnets (with thumb tacks)

This choice works quite well for smaller flowers. The idea is to glue a small round magnet onto the back of the flower and use the magnet to connect with the metal thumb tack placed into the wall. If you are doing this with larger flowers you definitely will need 3+ magnets and tacks. Makes sure to buy a strong magnet and your thumb tacks must be metal for this to work.

8. Velcro

How to hang paper flowers

And last, but not least is Velcro. You can use small Velcro circles or strips of Velcro for this. The key here is to make sure you are using good Velcro and not something that barely sticks.

You will want to glue one side of the Velcro to the back of your flowers and then glue the other side of the Velcro that it connects with to either a large display board (again foam insulation boards work well) or to your fabric that you plan to hang them from. This option is great if you want to glue long strips of Velcro across the top of a fabric backdrop and then quickly be able to stick your flowers along the tops and sides.

Making it all work

In the end each one of these flower hanging options works well in its own way. There is probably one that sounds easiest to you or will work best for your particular project. I almost always stick to the tops 3 techniques with my own flowers so you may find those are the easiest options. Do you have any other ideas on how to hang paper flowers? If so please share below!

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  1. This was awesome!! I learned some of these by trial and much error! lol and some of these options I never even thought about! Thanks

    1. I’m glad they helped! 🙂

  2. Gaye Dougherty says:

    I am in love with the giant paper flowers! Thank you for making it possible to adorn special celebrations with extra special decor. I made a backdrop for a bridal shower and used sheer curtains paired with ordinary foam board. I used small pinch pleat hooks sinking the sharp end in the foam board and using the blunt end to hang my flowers from their wire loop. Worked beautifully! The bride has asked me to mount the display at her reception!

    1. I purchased a 10×10 wall frame with shear curtains to measure. I’m mentally exhausted lol trying to figure out how to hang flowers . Foam boards? Or hooks help

      1. Hi Pat,
        I would suggest using a foam board backing and hanging the curtains over the board. If you are wanting to pin them to the curtains, you can use the heavy duty flat back pins mentioned. Or hooks will work if you just want to hang them along the top of your wall frame. 🙂

  3. Victorino says:

    Beautifull ana nice clean. I will do it. Thanks

  4. FINALLY! I felt like I exhausted google searching for ways to mount these flowers! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    Which method, or how else would you, mount the giant paper flowers to an artificial boxwood hedge wall? Basically, it has all the leaves popping out, so I’m not sure how to get the flower close enough to the wood.


  5. Do you have a method of attaching these cardstock flowers to stucco?

    1. I would use a nail in the stucco if possible and then use the wire hook method.

  6. Thank you very much for your ideas, only one question… which is the best technique to hang the flowers in a courtain

    1. That would be the pin option mentioned in the post. 🙂

  7. Hi…I had some paper flowers I hung up in my baby’s nursery (with Command tape) and I loved them, but after a few months, some of the bigger flowers started drooping quite a bit. Do you have a good fix for that?

    1. Hi Jana,

      Make sure you are using the heavy duty command strips. I also like to use scotch mounting tape. 🙂

  8. This is the best info I have found on hanging flowers. Thanks!