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How to Make Paper Roses: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

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A pink scarlet paper rose, resting on green paper leaves. Notice the unique cupping of the petals. You can make these delicate flowers during your crafting time.

How to Make Paper Roses: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Every time I sit down and start to think about a new flower design, my mind always wanders to roses. I’ve designed many large and small rose templates but started thinking maybe it would be nice to create something that is kinda in between. Most of my larger roses measure 17-19 inches, and the smaller roses (great for bouquets) measure about 3-4 inches.

So I was thinking, how about a 9-inch rose? Something that would be a stunning addition to a large table centerpiece or a filler for a backdrop between larger designs. After all, everyone wants to know how to make paper roses.

When I made the Eden Garden rose, I was very specific about how I curled the petals. Curling your paper petals is ultimately the key to how your flower will turn out.

If you feel something is off about your flower, then just start studying your curls and see what you can do to improve upon them.

Below I have a video to show you step-by-step how to create this Scarlet rose beauty. First, let’s review supplies so you know what to pick up on your Sunday run to your craft store. My favorite is Michaels!

This easy paper rose tutorial teaches how to make this pink scarlet rose. The paper craft is seen from above, in deep pinks and green leaves on a neutral burlap background.


An illustration of the petals needed, in red and pink. Text reads "Scarlett Rose Template" and "CCDesigns Catching Colorflies.com."

How To Make Paper Roses: Scarlet Rose Design

After you acquire your downloads cut out all the layers of petals. You can use the PDFs if you are hand cutting or the SVG cut files for a cutting machine. After cutting, you will begin to curl all the petals according to the video instructions. Next is layering and assembling your petals. Then finally, find a place to display your rose proudly!

To see how it’s done. Click play below.

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Text in a pink rectangle in the upper left-hand corner reads "Perfect Paper Rose Tutorial." The picture to the right is a closeup and overhead view of a finished pink Scarlett Rose paper flower. The bottom picture is the paper flower from the side with the scripted text reading "Scarlet Rose."

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