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DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose Tutorial

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A graphic poster featuring a photograph of serena paper roses on a gray brick background. A pink rectangle on top says "paper rose tutorials and templates, printable PDFs and SVG cut files" in white.

There’s something serene about roses, wouldn’t you agree? (Yes, every pun intended). They make you pause to reflect and if not anything, to stop and smell the roses.

On a gradient light blue background, paper serena roses in pink are photographed from above.

This new month might have a tendency to be a bit hectic with goals, jumping back into a rhythm after the holidays and figuring out where all of the Holiday goodies are going to be stored until next year. So, in the spirit of serenity, I thought I should share something relatively simple for you to try. Today we will be crafting a DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose Tutorial.

A closeup of a bouquet of DIY paper roses as seen from above. The flowers are white, orange, and pink.

Here’s an easy and elegant paper rose tutorial. Nothing too difficult because simple is still beautiful.

And yes, beginners, I can see the smile on your face because this DIY Paper Flower is perfect for you to try!

The DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose is displayed on a gray brick background. The paper flowers are in shades of white, pink, and orange.

For this tutorial, we’re making DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose Tutorial.

Three beautiful peach-colored serena paper roses sit on a light blue gradient backdrop. Green leaves lay under the roses. This tutorial will teach you how to make  your own DIY paper flower roses.


65-pound 8.5 x 11-inch cardstock
Glue gun
– Templates (
download my serena rose PDF and SVG cut files)
Thin dowel or glue stick
– Cutting machine measurements


An overhead view of the supplies needed to make DIY paper roses. The serena rose requires petals cut from cardstock, a thin dowel, scissors, a small paper circle, and the start of the rosebud center.

Cut out 24 petals in total from the paper cards. You can use my downloadable templates.

Let’s Get Started:

Scissors, peach paper petals, and a small peach rosebud lay on a light blue backdrop.

Step 1
We will start with the rose center. To do so, count 12 out of the 24 petals. Then set the rest aside.

The first step to assembling a serena paper rose is to take two petals and glue their ends together to form the base of the rosebud, as seen in this photo tutorial picture.

Step 2:
Pick up two petals. Lay them side by side with their bottoms facing each other.
Overlap the bottoms and fasten them together with glue.

A close-up of Abbi Kirsten as she folds up the two connected paper petals to form the center of a paper rose center.

Step 3:
Fold the now glued petals up, wrapping them around each other.

Step 4:
Secure the overlapping outer edges with glue.

Step 5:
Repeat Step 2 with a new pair of petals. Glue the petals together.

The DIY Rose paper flower rosebud is held by Abbi Kirsten, while the next layer of petals is seen below.

Step 6:
Glue the first folded set of petals to the center of the new pair of petals

Abbi Kirsten's hands hold a paper rose center in her hands as she bends the paper to form the second layer of the serena rose bud middle.

Step 7
Add dots of the glue to the outer edges of each laying petal. Then wrap them around the first set of petals.

We now have the rosebud.

From now, we’ll add one petal at a time to keep the center bloom even.

Over a very light blue background, a close-up focuses on Abbi Kirsten's hand as she holds the serena rosebud center with one petal sticking out, ready to be glued up and added to the bud.

Step 8:
Add glue to the bottom of one petal and press it to the bottom of the rosebud. Add two dots of glue to the upper outer edges and wrap around the bud.

A woman's hand holds a paper rose center bud over a light blue background.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Abbi Kirsten holds a finished peach-colored serena paper rose center bud between her fingers and thumb.

Step 9
Do the same thing for the remaining two sides of the rosebud.

Four stacks of paper petals sit next to a peach-colored paper rose bud center.

Count the remaining petals. You should have 4 left. These 4 will be curled back and glued around each of the 4 sides.

A paper rose petal is being curled by a thick wooden dowel held in Abbi Kirsten's hands.

Step 10:
Using a thin wood dowel, curl the edges of the petals backward.

A woman's hands shape a paper petal using her fingers and thumb.

Step 11:
After that, crease the center and lightly fold the tips of the petal down and back.

Repeat the same for the remaining 3 petals.

Abbi Kirsten's hand holds the bud of a paper rose with shaped and curled petals attached and ready to be added to the bud.

Step 12:
Take one of the 4 petals. Glue to the base on one corner of the rosebud.

A woman's hands hold a large paper rose center as she presses new petals onto the established bud. The DIY paper rose is a peach serena rose.

Step 13:
Add two dots of glue to the outer bottom corners. Fold up and press firmly to attach it to the rosebud.

For the remaining 12 petals:

Two female hands use scissors on a large paper flower petal to cut a slit.
  • Cut 1-2 inch slits at the bottom of all 12 petals.
    DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose Tutorial
  • Overlap the slits slightly and glue them together.
    DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose Tutorial
  • Repeat the curling technique as explained in steps 10 and 11.

Finishing Up:

On a very light background, a peach-colored paper rose petal is glued to a pink paper circle.

I used my 8-sided base, which is included in my Serena rose template. One petal will be glued to each of the 8 sides.

These bases are a great guide to help your process easier and the flowers more beautiful.

Glue the last petal down and tuck one side under the starting petal to give it a more even look.

Four paper rose petals have been glued around a pink paper circle laying on a blue background. This is the base and outer layer of the DIY paper rose serena flower.

Glue the remaining four petals about one inch in into the rose base, placing each one in between two petals. Each of the four petals should be opposite facing.

On a baby blue background, a pink paper circle has eight large paper petals glued and overlapped around its edges.

Congratulations! You just finished your rose base.

Two layers of a peach DIY paper rose serena flower is seen from above, sitting on a light blue tabletop.

All that’s left is to add the rose center. So, place your rose center in the center of the rose base making sure that the center petals alternate to the petals underneath them.

Once you’re happy with the placement, glue it down firmly and use the dowel to ensure it is firmly glued.

A finished DIY paper rose serena flower in peach cardstock sits open and gracefully on a light blue background.

There you have it, your very own Serena Paper Rose. If it isn’t perfect, give it time, practice makes progress.

If you get stuck, you can check out the video below for video instructions.

Pink text that says "Serena rose" in a script font sits above a close-up of peach serena rose paper flowers complete with green leaves.
A large DIY paper rose step-by-step picture tutorial. Each square photo in the collage shows a step in the process of making a paper serena rose.

For more tutorials like the Bella Rose Paper Flower or the DIY Iris Unicorn Flower. Be sure to keep up with the blog or follow me on Pinterest!

DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose Tutorial

DIY Paper Rose: Serena Rose Tutorial

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

This DIY paper serena rose is a beautiful and elegant flower that will brighten up your home! The tutorial shows how easy these flowers are to create and allows you to use any color of cardstock you desire to decorate your home, add dimension to gift-wrapped presents, or as one of many in a paper bridal bouquet.



  • Gather all your supplies 
  • Cut out a circle for a base or use the 8-sided base included in the tutorial. 
  • Use a cutting machine or scissors to cut all 24 paper petals as outlined in my template. 

Assemble the Rose Bud

  1. Keep 12 paper petals and put the rest in a stack to the side. 
  2. Slightly overlap the bottom edges of two petals and glue them together. 
  3. Fold the two ends of the glued petals upwards so they can wrap around each other. Glue the overlapping wrapped edges to each other. This is the center of your rosebud. 
  4. Glue the bottom edges of two more petals together. 
  5. Fold up the edges and glue the overlapped edges together. 
  6. Glue the first rosebud layer into the center of the second rosebud layer. 
  7. Wrap the petals some more and add dots of glue to secure them. From now, we’ll add one petal at a time to keep the center bloom even.
  8. Glue the bottom of one petal to the bottom of the rosebud. Add two drops of glue to the outer petals and secure them to the rosebud. 
  9. Repeat on the opposite side. 
  10. Repeat on the remaining two sides of the rosebud. 
  11. You should have four petals left from the 12 you counted out. 
  12. Curl the four remaining petal edges backward using the wooden dowel. 
  13. Crease the center of each of the four petals, and gently fold the petal tips down and back. 
  14. Repeat with the remaining 3 petals. 
  15. Glue each of these four petals around the bottom of the rosebud. 

Assemble the Outer Rose Layers 

  1. Use the remaining 12 petals for these steps. 
  2. Cut a 1-inch slit from the bottom edge up toward the top of each petal. 
  3. Overlap the slit edges slightly and glue these edges together. 
  4. Repeat the curling steps from the rosebud section. 
  5. Using the circle or 8-sided base, glue the bottom petal edges to each side of the base. 
  6. Tuck the edges of the last flower under the petals of the first petal for a clean look. 
  7. Glue the remaining 4 petals one inch in the rose base in an alternating pattern with the outside layer. The four petals should be opposite facing.
  8. Finishing the DIY Serena Paper Flower 
  9. Glue the rosebud to the center of the rose base. 
  10. Shape the petals and fluff the flower to finish the look. 

Congrats! You just made a DIY large paper flower! You can also find templates for leaves and foliage on my Catching Colorflies website for extra fun! 

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